Dattapada, Alibaug: A haven of luxury living with Isprava’s distinctive touch

Often referred to as the Hamptons of Mumbai, Alibaug is not just a destination but an experience—an escape from the frenetic pace of city life, yet conveniently …

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The ultimate guide to investing in Dattapada, Alibaug: top real estate opportunities

In recent years, Alibaug has surfaced as a thriving hub for real estate investments, enticing investors with its advantageous geographical position, stunning na …

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Discovering Dattapada, Alibaug: A Serene Escape Close to Mumbai

Nestled between the lush Kankeshwar hills and the serene Arabian Sea, Dattapada in Alibaug is a hidden gem that offers an idyllic escape from the hustle and bus …

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Aldona Historical Monuments

Historical monuments and their significance in Aldona

Aldona, a picturesque village in North Goa, is not just a tranquil getaway but also a repository of rich historical sites and monuments that reflect the diverse …

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Lush Landscapes of North Goa

Cultural and culinary history of Aldona 

Nestled in the lush landscapes of North Goa, Aldona stands as a picturesque testament to Goa’s rich cultural heritage and historical depth. Known for its serene …

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Beautiful Village Aldona

The most beautiful village in Goa: Aldona

Aldona, a quaint village nestled in the verdant landscape of North Goa, is often heralded as one of the most beautiful villages in the world by its residents. I …

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Gleneagle Estate - Living Area

Design Trends In Luxury Real Estate For 2023

Popular design trends in luxury real estate making headlines in 2023:- When it comes to design trends for luxury real estate, things don’t constantly change dra …

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Monforte Vaddo - Living Area

How To Use Colour To Elevate Your Home Decor

Colour carries a lot of influential power when it comes to uplifting your mood, and home decor. It adds layers of personality, expression and luxury to any spac …

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Luxury Villas for Sale in India - Banner Image

Tips For Investing In Luxury Real Estate

Luxury real estate — the allure, the returns & the details Investing in luxury real estate may be considered a high-stakes game. The returns, however can de …

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Luxury Villas in Goa with Private Pool - Banner Image

The Art Of Luxury Living

The art of luxury living and how to have your home exude it in style From your houseplants to your upholstery, from a chef’s kitchens to high-tech automations, …

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Buy Holiday Home in Goa - Banner Image

The Benefits Of Owning A Luxury Home

Luxury homes that keep on giving  There are so many benefits of owning a luxury home, besides the beautiful views, private pools, technology evolutions, so …

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Isprava Insider – A brightness of being

“Your surroundings can mould your mood. Goa, many will attest, has what it takes to make you feel both alive and at ease”. Neharika Manjani asks city dwellers w …

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Fertile Ground - Luxury Homes for Sale in Goa

The Isprava Insider Fertile Ground

“Goa’s coolest bar owners, designers and artists tell us why the sunshine state is an oasis for creative minds.”Jasreen Mayal Khanna It’s a truth universally ac …

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Villa Brisa - Luxury Villas in Goa

Behind the Doors – Villa Brisa

“Sukoon is the word that came to my mind when I first saw Villa Brisa – harmonious, serene, and a warm home surrounded by sprawling views of the paddy fields an …

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From Farm to Table - Isprava

From Farm to Table

“To understand why provenance is so important to chefs, one needs to unravel the food philosophy behind ingredient driven menus”– GAURI DEVIDAYAL In March 2014, …

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front cover magazine

The Finest in Luxury Living: The Isprava Insider Volume Four coming to your coffee tables soon!

The Isprava Insider Volume Four is out, with the incredibly talented, former Vogue Fashion Features Director, Priyanka Khanna taking the Editor’s seat. Here’s w …

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entrance design

5 Stunning Entrance Designs For An Elegant First Impression

There is a certain joie de vivre that comes from perceiving a beautiful entrance. It doesn’t just dictate the viewer’s expectation of the living experience that …

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Decor trends

Timeless Decor Trends We Love

Gone are the days when fashion and style were restricted to just runways; the influence of fashion has oozed out and seeped into our homes, creating a sense of …

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Luxury Villas for Sale in Goa - Banner Image

How To Enliven Your Home with Sustainable Natural Décor Elements

Blurring the lines between the indoors and the natural outdoors is not a new-found concept. However, there are smart new ways to seamlessly fuse a deliberate se …

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Moving to Goa: What Can You Expect? - Pool Villa in Goa

Moving to Goa: What Can You Expect?

What you can expect when you moving to goa for much needed break? Open spaces and proximity to beaches, Weather, The art of living, The cuisine, Nature trails e …

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luxury villas in goa - Banner Image

Don’t forget to pack these things when traveling to your Holiday Home!

When traveling to your Holiday Home things that you just shouldn’t forget to carry with you such as Swimsuit, Sunglasses, Protective gear, Medicines and the rig …

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Villas for Sale in Alibaug - Banner Image

Interesting Facts about living in Alibaug

“Interesting Facts about living in Alibaug is that you can explore best places like Historic Kolaba Fort, Cultural Site, Alibaug Beaches, Nature Trails etc. “

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Bindiya Murgai

Moving to the Mountains: From the City to the Mountains — Bindiya Murgai’s Inspiring Tale

From the City to the Mountains. Bindiya, apart from pursuing a career in filmmaking, had explored her interest in Buddhism and spirituality in the Himalayas. To …

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Private Villa with Swimming Pool

Your Choice. Your Land. Our Craft.

Isprava is now crafting homes in Alibaug known as “The Hamptons” of Mumbai, the luscious green land coupled with tranquil beaches easy accessibility makes Aliba …

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