Tips For Investing In Luxury Real Estate

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Luxury real estate — the allure, the returns & the details

Investing in luxury real estate may be considered a high-stakes game. The returns, however can definitely be bounteous, if done right.

However, investing in a scarce commodity like luxury real estate takes a little bit of guided insight, information and well, intuition. Being in the business of luxury real estate, we hope we can help put you on the path of making the best investment of your life. One that will amass you a happy fortune.


Gilded marble interiors, breathtaking views of rolling greens in picturesque settings, private pools with luxe sundecks, homes where the interiors seamlessly flow into the outdoors, and pickle ball courts or barbecue patios in the back yard — luxury homes, especially luxury holiday homes, have gravitated to a whole new league in India. They come with concierge services, chef’s kitchens, bespoke interiors, high-end finishes, and every smart amenity you can think of. Look for those opportunities to invest in luxury real estate that are unique. In design, concept, and experience. The home should feel like something entirely exclusive. In turn, you can position it in your portfolio of assets accordingly, and reap the maximum benefits, both long, or short term. Isprava prides itself on its unique and thoughtfully created luxurious interiors. Browse through our portfolio of homes to get inspired.


When people look for their dream home, one of the top criteria is its location. Luxury holiday home seekers often prefer resort-worthy areas, with the best views, tucked away from tourist frenzy. They want untouched, idyllic lands enveloped by nature or by the countryside, but not in a way that they are completely secluded from the rest of the world. These homes should ideally be in a neighborhood that is close to schools, hospitals, grocery stores, shopping, recreational activities, restaurants and the airport. That’s why, at Isprava, we take all of these factors into consideration when selecting the ideal location for our luxury homes. Doing a little research on up-and-coming neighborhoods that have a high potential for growth will go a long way in your investment prospects.


Information is king, especially when it comes to investing in luxury real estate. Knowing the basics like if it’s a buyers or sellers market is one thing. Doing your due diligence across several aspects like economy, market conditions, laws and trends is what will give you guaranteed returns. That means analysing sales data including the supply and demand of luxury real estate, understanding the potential for rental income and property appreciation possibilities and patterns. Understand the overall economic outlook of the area, mortgage rates, unemployment rates, and general cost of living. Stay up to date with the regulations, and current trends in the world of luxury real estate. Be prudent, and assess the risks and benefits of the investment. Adopt an in-depth approach toward acquiring all the knowledge and information you need, and you will see a profitable return. If you purchase a home with Isprava, we will transparently communicate everything you need to know, so you make the best and most informed decision. 


Ask yourself if investing in luxury real estate is your passion, hobby or aspiration? Distinguish between your objectives — whether you are investing to rent it, sell it, or live your best like in it while building your legacy. Oftentimes, purchasers of luxury real estate want to acquire a trophy asset. They want to add some shine to their portfolio and pursue a long-term appreciation. Others are more ardent, and want to sell it quickly to pocket a profit in the short run. Some buy into luxury real estate to generate a stable rental income. Make a business plan and go over your goals to be able to invest smartly and secure the maximum returns in line with your purpose.


For a lucrative investment opportunity in luxury real estate, make sure you partner with a developer who holds a good reputation in the market. Consider their track record, past ventures, credibility and good will. Look into who is on their board of directors and who else has invested in their business. Review their construction techniques, vendors, deliverables and testimonials from previous clients. Transparency, effective communication and the business ethics of a developer are something that should be a priority when it comes to trusting them. After aligning all of this, ultimately, go with your intuition.