Behind every successful brand is a workforce to reckon with

Nibhrant Shah

Founder & CEO

Nibhrant Shah is an economics graduate from Northwestern University, USA and is the Founder and CEO of the Isprava Group (Isprava and Lohono Stays). Nibhrant’s business expertise originates from his past endeavours through start-ups that have turned into household names such as – Snackible and Themis amongst others. Before his business ventures, Nibhrant had been an investment banker for HSBC in New York and London.

Dhimaan Shah

Founder & COO

Dhimaan Shah is the Founder and COO of the Isprava Group (Isprava and Lohono Stays). Prior to building Isprava and Lohono Stays, he worked as an investment banker with HSBC in New York and has also successfully built two ventures in the technology space. Dhimaan is a graduate from Northwestern University with a degree in economics.

Kshitiz Bilala

Kshitiz Bilala

Head of Finance & Commercial

Kshitiz Bilala is associated with Isprava as the Head of Finances & Commercials. He is a chartered accountant with a degree from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and was previously a consultant with Ernst & Young. He brings 14 years of experience in corporate finance and as a transaction advisor.

Sanjay Vaghamshi

Sanjay Vaghamshi

Vice President, Special Projects, Founders' Office

Sanjay Vaghamshi, a doctor with an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, has over a decade of expertise in logistics, international business, and entrepreneurship. He’s been a driving force behind technology partnerships, joint ventures, and organisational reorganisation and specialises in problem-solving and process development.

Kaiyan Mistree

Kaiyan K Mistree

Head of Operations
& New Business

As the Head of Operations & New Business, Kaiyan plays a pivotal role in developing Isprava’s luxury homes and galvanising the company’s growth. With over a decade long experience and a career that began with Hafeez Contractor, Kaiyan presently handles everything from property acquisition to home delivery to design and building.

Soham Kapadia

Soham Kapadia

Head Customer Relations - West and International

Soham Kapadia is associated with Isprava as the Head of Customer Relations, India (West) and International. Prior to this, he has founded, an e-commerce portal for quality apparel and has also worked as an associate at Deloitte, following a stint at Tranzmute Capital.

Moyukh Basu

Moyukh Basu

Head Customer Relations - North, South and International

Moyukh Basu is associated with Isprava as the Head of Customer Relations, India (North & South) and International. With a master’s degree in international hotel management from Oxford University, Mr. Basu is well-versed with the hospitality and real estate industries. He has previously worked at TFS (India’s largest food and beverage retail company) as the DGM of the alliance and expansion department and as the GM of Lodha’s World Towers hospitality division.