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Water harvesting

At Isprava, we understand the importance of conserving water, thus we have incorporated water harvesting in all our homes. This is a technique used for collecting, storing and reusing water for personal and non-drinking purposes. Depending upon tank size and climate, this process helps one save on water expenses and reduces the mains water use by 80%, thereby reducing the demand for groundwater and mains water.

Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation

Another way of how we strive to preserve our water resources is by including drip & sprinkler irrigation methods in our courtyards. Drip and sprinkler methods of irrigation provide efficient coverage to small and large areas and minimize surface runoff and water loss through evaporation. Since everything is managed efficiently, every drop of water is used in a timely fashion, thereby saving approximately 30% to 40% of the water that would have normally been used.

Waste recycling and segregation

We at Isprava are committed to keep the locales we work in – clean. Our homes are equipped with a waste management program to help us achieve this. Waste segregation is achieved by installing standardized color-coded German bins that have clear signage and are odor proof with wheels for easy transportation. Dry waste is collected and sent to a private waste treatment facility and the compost from this waste is used for gardening at our homes.
A home composter kit is used to create manure from food waste produced in the house and landscaping waste such as plant trimmings, lawn shavings, dry leaves, and branches are ecologically recycled by composting and mulching.

Recycled and Upcycled Material Use

Our Design Team inculcates the art of reusing, repurposing and refurbishing to give every home an old-world charm. Every home is furnished with antique art and interior décor. Almost all the doors and windows are sourced from heritage buildings like old government offices, post offices, mansions and old hospitals across India. The wooden panels used as part of décor are refurbished, washed and polished, without tarnishing their inherent character. Even the flooring of some of our homes is decked with old Burma teak sourced from retired ships.

Environmentally Friendly and Traditional Building Techniques

All homes are only designed after our Architecture Team pays homage to the landscapes and cultural influences of the place. The homes are built using local and vernacular means of construction, for instance in Goa we use load bearing walls, sloping roofs, etc. Local materials like laterite stones have been sourced to make the home sustainable to the Goan weather.
Whereas in the Nilgiris, we try to minimize the cutting and filling to avoid hampering the landscape and the roofs are made using traditional Mangalore tiles and shingles.

Green count

At Isprava, we only select locations that are private, peaceful and away from all the tourist frenzy to ensure the Isprava Experience is serene and unlike any other. All our homes are surrounded with lush greenery and pristine views of trees, fields, hills and valleys. As for the landscape of each home, we inculcate a palette of trees and plants, traditional to the location, to evoke the greenery of the place. For instance one of our homes in Goa, Casa Brava has a green count of ~2175; our first ever Villa in Goa, Igreha Villa has a green count of ~3900 which includes the trees, bushes and flowering plants planted; and for our home in Coonoor, Chepstow Hall, the area of lawn laid is ~1000 sqft apart from the greens planted.

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