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Our Story

Our story - Isprava
5 years, 110 homes, and 9000 rental guests later, since its launch in 2013, Isprava has come a long way. We began with the endeavour of becoming a leader in the luxury home segment. At the time, it seemed like a mammoth task. But with the backing of some incredible people, and the best team,
we intend to continue aiming high and exceeding expectations, one home at a time.
Our defining principles, exclusivity, comfort and integrity helped pave the way. Today we have become connoisseurs of design and unique experiences. We have created a rare lifestyle. We have become an exclusive club. It makes us feel great to know that people are enjoying our homes in Goa and The Nilgiris. And we can’t wait until we have guests visiting our villas in two new destinations – Alibaug and Sri Lanka coming soon! In addition to this, we will be renting homes across all of India and South Asia in the near future.
We can’t believe how quickly time has gone by and how far we have come. But as they say, time flies when you’re having fun.
The Isprava story is only just beginning…

Nibhrant Shah,
Founder & CEO, Isprava


To leave a legacy through exceptional style, thoughtful personalisation and service that goes the extra mile.


To make an indelible impression with every home we craft. From destination to design, craftsmanship to cutting edge technology, we build, manage and rent only the most luxurious and exclusive homes, each of which embodies a unique savoir-faire. We endeavor to celebrate a carefully preserved heritage alongside a dynamic engagement with modernity, to leave behind a legacy that is unique and unforgettable.

Our story does not end with our homes – that is just where the journey begins. Our customers become our family and our communities are empowered by our presence. We aim to build trust on an unshakable foundation. It is not just our mission to set the standard, but also to then exceed those standards.

Our ultimate goal is to be an iconic global brand which is synonymous with the largest purveyors of luxury, giving our investors the most lucrative opportunities in the luxury lifestyle sector, and our clients an experience unlike any other.

The Isprava Experience

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