Berjis and I had looked at over 100 villas in Goa in the past five years. We loved the city and were keen to buy a cozy and inviting holiday home in order to spend more time in the sunny state. Unfortunately, the market was inundated with cookie cutter homes that lacked charm, privacy, personality and attention to detail. We first met Rohit from the Isprava team following which we saw some of Isprava’s completed homes. We fell in love with the design sensibility, the finished product and the customer experience. The entire process is seamless and hassle-free with the highlight being the end-to-end service from clear land titles to a beautiful, furnished holiday home. What sets Isprava apart is their team, everyone we interacted with was so helpful and trustworthy that we have ended up becoming friends! Not only are we excited for our fabulously designed space but the five-star comforts that come with each home including property management and concierge services.

- Vandana and Berjis Desai

Former Senior Partner, JSA Law

Mita and I have always had a dream of building a creative home, something which would augment our holidays and yet be away from all the fuss and chaos. From the first time we approached Isprava till today, we have always felt like a part of their family. We feel like their buddies and the help and assistance they give is surreal. They look after Villa Verde and are literally always available for anything we need with regards to our home. There isn’t one aspect per se we can single out on; it is the whole package which makes our Isprava experience very exclusive. Our decision to buy an Isprava home was fairly easy, given the light and airy layout, the interiors and the attractive flooring – everything we love in a holiday home! Our relationship has now enhanced further after we’ve bought a second Isprava home for our parents.

- Vinay Agrrawal

Founder and Managing Director, Unicel Technologies

I was planning a trip to Goa and wanted something unique to stay in. A regular hotel was getting too monotonous, during my search I stumbled upon Isprava and eventually stayed in one of the homes they built. The décor of the home is something which connected with me instantly. The quality of work, design and attention to detail is all that made my family realize, we need to have an Isprava home! Every time I’ve thought of an ideal holiday home, I would always picture a luxurious property by the beach. So, buying Villa Evora panned out to be perfect. If I had to choose my favourite part of Villa Evora, I honestly wouldn’t know what to say. I love every bit of it. All in all our Isprava experience has been very fulfilling and unique. They delivered what we imagined.

- Luv Shriram

Managing Director, Shriram Veritech Solutions

A growing family, a need for privacy and 10 years of thinking about what our dream home should be like led us to discovering Isprava. Given the ambiguity surrounding clear title of land in Goa, we wanted to make this particular aspect crystal clear. Most importantly, we wanted to achieve all this without a headache during the entire process. We met Isprava when they were a relatively new company and had just completed their first three homes. We were impressed with their vision and it ticked all our boxes. When Isprava says welcome to the family, they mean it. They hold your hand from day one and continue to do so even after they deliver the home. This sets them apart from anyone else out there. The entire process for us was seamless, where Isprava was very committed to giving us peace of mind by being engaged and responsive at all times. For a real estate buyer, there is nothing more valuable than this.

- Aman Bahl

Managing Director, Noorjehan Exports

Villa Branco’s unparalleled beauty and workmanship truly makes it a dream home in every sense of the word. Moreover, the support we have received from the Isprava team – starting from the guidance from their legal team in terms of registration and paper work, to the hard work put in by the maintenance team that ensures my home is always in perfect condition – has been outstanding. Lastly, the cherry on top has been the super charged financial appreciation of the property, that has made it one of my best investments. I am happy to say that I will be purchasing another Isprava home shortly.

- Sanjay Malhotra

Promoter, Spice Jet Airlines