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We don’t just build beautiful houses. We craft homes that redefine luxury. Ones that are premium yet efficient. Comfortable yet elegant. Ones that showcase traditional techniques with a contemporary outlook. At Isprava, each holiday home is different from the other. Each home has its own unique story to tell. Here are a few good reads to give you more insight on luxury villas in Goa, architecture, interiors, beautifully designed bungalows and real estate markets.

Interesting Facts about living in Alibaug

  Before it came to be favoured as the holiday destination for big-city folk, Alibaug was comfortable in its little-known role, as a picturesque hamlet across the Arabian Sea. In fact, it was this escape-the-city vibe that attracted people to its largely untouched greenscape. The pandemic further highlighted the benefits of retreating to small-town sanctuaries, where people were fewer in number and access to the outdoors was easy. In recent years, Alibaug has become the go-to second-home destination for city-dwellers, especially from Mumbai. Many private luxury villas with private pools owned by Mumbaikars have come up. And others seek out …

Life at Siolim, Goa

Which Part Of Goa Is Good For Buying A Home?

Goa is more than just its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. Having been celebrated widely across the globe for its beautiful homestays, cultural events, the burgeoning culinary landscape and yoga retreats, it has now come to be known as a way of life that many set their heart onto. Over these last few years, this coastal town has seen an influx of people choosing to relocate to some of the lesser-explored villages of Goa – in order to keep afar from all the tourist frenzy and keep close to the peace and serenity. One such village that has seen the …

Villa for Sale

Why Should You Invest In A Second Home

 Owning a second home can be an extremely rewarding experience – with the added benefits of a great investment opportunity and lifestyle requisite. But at the same time buying a home is never an easy decision to make. At any stage, there are countless aspects to be taken into consideration, making the whole process overwhelming and nerve-racking. To help tackle these very jitters, we look into all the reasons why you should own a second home in today’s age and time. You Can Reap The Joys Of Slow LivingWhen was the last time you took a break? Spent a few moments …

DIY Ideas to Style Your Home

DIY Ideas to Style Your Home During the Lockdown

  If there is one thing that this pandemic has shed light on, it is the importance of a home – your own personal sanctuary where you could seek solace, from at the end of every tiring day. And with work from home being the new normal, it helps to bring about a change in your immediate surroundings, every now and then, by sprucing up the different nooks and corners of your home. Whether it is a complete overhaul or just a few quick upgrades that you are on the lookout for, here are a few tips and tricks that …

Isprava Villa

A Moment of Pride for Isprava

  It is often said that a combination of incessant hard work, an unwavering commitment to perform better with each passing day and a spirit of resilience, makes for the ultimate roadmap to success. And today, on this noteworthy occasion of Isprava having ranked 89th in Financial Times (FT) London and Nikkei Asia’s list of Asia Pacific’s top 500 fastest growing companies of the year 2021, our conviction in this school of thought has only grown stronger. Talking about the recent accolade, Nibhrant Shah, our Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, added, “We are honored to be featured in the Financial …

Pooja & Sudhanshu

Meet Pooja and Sudhanshu Kejriwal- Homeowners of Villa Amberly. Lovers of the hills.

  Sudhanshu and I love the hills. We plan 2-3 vacations a year out of which two of these are always spent amidst the mountains. Being avid travelers, one of the main reasons why we choose to work is so that we can pursue our passion for travel. And it’s this extreme fondness for travel that caused our paths to intertwine with each other years ago, when we had both decided to take a road trip to Ladakh; a trip that marked the beginning of our journey together, both in life and in our trekking chronicles. Thereafter, visiting Ladakh became …

Bindiya Murgai

Moving to the Mountains: From the City to the Mountains — Bindiya Murgai’s Inspiring Tale

  Have you ever thought about packing your bags and moving far, far away from jam-packed streets and blaring horns? Have you ever dreamed about settling down in the midst of nature, enveloped in a cloak of serenity? Bindiya Murgai, a Counsellor and a Mindfulness and Digital Wellness Coach, thought of the very same things. The difference is, she followed them through. Bindiya, apart from pursuing a career in filmmaking, had explored her interest in Buddhism and spirituality in the Himalayas. She firmly believes in mindfulness, meditation and inner wellbeing. Nearly 7 years ago, Bindiya and her husband, Raj Gopalakrishnan …

Villa with Private Pool

Your Choice. Your Land. Our Craft.

  If you’re dreaming of The Hamptons, don’t lose hope and think a little closer. Isprava is now crafting homes in Alibaug! Better known as “The Hamptons” of Mumbai, the luscious green land coupled with tranquil beaches and it’s easy accessibility makes Alibaug the perfect destination to own a holiday home. All you have to do is, bring in your plot of land and let us do the rest. Villa Loto Bianco    With Isprava having entered Alibaug, you get to wake up every morning to lush greenery and salty ocean breeze, indulge in lavish home cooked meals, take a …

The Good Life of Goa

The Good Life of Goa

  Beachy hair, bronzed skin, sandy toes, and a sunkissed nose along with your favourite cocktail to keep you company all day, everyday. Goa is a whole mood and the perfect getaway when you are in a dire need for a hiatus from life’s grind. The unparalleled beauty and rustic charm of this small town has the power to lure people from all over the world. Casa Brava, Parra  In this land of paradise, you will witness the perfect amalgamation of the Portuguese and the Goan culture right from the cuisine to the art and architecture of this sunshine state. …


Life in paradise AKA Coonoor

  Isprava life in Coonoor is a testament to cultural richness, grandeur and scenic beauty. Waking up to the verdant hills of Coonoor, covered partially by the murky clouds, in a home surrounded by an inordinate variety of wildflowers, birds and waterfalls, is the closest one can come to experiencing heaven on earth.  Gleneagle Estate, Kotagiri If you are on the lookout for an escape from that fast-paced and frenetic life, then Coonoor is the perfect place for you to unwind and relax. Every Isprava home in Coonoor is designed in tandem with the warmth and coziness that the place …

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