How To Use Colour To Elevate Your Home Decor

Monforte Vaddo - Living Area

Colour carries a lot of influential power when it comes to uplifting your mood, and home decor. It adds layers of personality, expression and luxury to any space. There’s so much a room can say with its colours and combinations. We give you some insider tips on how to play the palette for your luxury home interiors.


When it comes to adding a colour scheme to a particular space, a few things to consider are the size of the room, the natural light that floods it, the existing furniture and the kind of doors, floors and walls that it is composed of. Keeping these factors in mind, select colours that cohesively tie the space together. For a balanced palette that paints a full picture, the general rule of thumb is to pick one primary colour, and then one or two complimentary colours.

Colina Vaddo G - Seating Area


When you go for neutral colours, you immediately create an atmosphere of understated luxury. Some may call it a safe choice, or dull even — it is anything but that. You have to use just as much imagination and creativity with a neutral palette as you would with a bold one. The best part of this kind of colour grouping is that is never goes out of style, and allows you to add and subtract from your home decor in an effortless way. Adding neutral shades doesn’t mean using 50 shades of beige and white. They also include sage green, mauve, grey, lilac and navy. These hues form the perfect backdrop to highlight furniture and accessories in a space. 


Adding that punch of colour can really accentuate a space manyfold. These bursts of colour can be incorporated by using vibrantly hued cushions, pillows, upholstery or even in the form of an accent wall. An emerald green sofa or a canary-yellow arm chair will grab your attention instantly in a grey washed room. Lively bar stools in a kitchen or a punchy bath tub in your restroom will definitely spark a visual interest. Using a pop of colour to highlight architectural features like mouldings, trims or columns is another great way to inject personality to your space. 


The luxury a monochromatic colour scheme brings to a space is unprecedented. It is a bold way to make an impactful statement, and it is intentionally eye-catching. When you go mono, it doesn’t mean everything has to be one colour. Take one shade and let it dominate. But you can break it up with pops of colour to keep it fresh and alive. Whether you go all-white for a luxe minimalist style, or go with shades of green for a deep, nature-inspired vibe, or you opt for a loud monochromatic palette — or even go dark with blacks — the art is in how you bring it all together.

At Isprava we put a lot of effort into our interiors, bringing on renowned experts from the industry to spin their magic. We appreciate how colour helps tell the story of a space, and bring it to life accentuating the other features and designs within it. Browse through our collection of luxury homes and discover how we have used colour play in interesting and unique ways.