Design Trends In Luxury Real Estate For 2023

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Popular design trends in luxury real estate making headlines in 2023:-

When it comes to design trends for luxury real estate, things don’t constantly change drastically each year. It would be too expensive and impractical for everyone if they did. Design ideas may slightly evolve and transform. Au courant concepts may enter the mix. Some old trends may make a welcome comeback. Colour palettes may come with new inspirations. However, some things always remain timeless. For the most part, when you are designing a luxury home or a piece of prime real estate, it usually involves discerning and a strong wave of personal preferences and style. Ultimately, as a homeowner — you have to live with it, for a long time. Having said that, a little inspiration never hurts. Being in the business of crafting beautiful luxury homes in Goa, Alibaug and more, we bring you a list of just a few of the many trends out there, that we think are in popular demand this year. 

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Who doesn’t love things larger-than-life? Gigantic chandeliers hanging from 20 to 30 foot ceilings. Palatial doors that enter into sprawling and open living spaces. Tall walls of windows and alternative visual artwork that make big first impressions. Massive potted plans that occupy inside nooks. Indoors that seamlessly converse with the idyllic outdoors, making the entire expanse look sizeable. Dining tables that seat a big happy group of twenty. Sculptures and oversized Murano glass objects that make massive statements. Open air terraces and glorious courtyards. This year, bigger is much, much better. Isprava loves this trend as you will see when you browse through our luxury homes. 


We are finally veering away from the era of bling, and letting the colours, textures and modes of nature take over. Expect to see lots of browns, mauves and corals. Taupe, shades of rust, earthy-red terracotta and caramel will make big appearances. Materials like wood, limestone, jute, rattan, bamboo, handwoven and hand-loomed materials inspired by traditional craftsmanship, ceramics, planet-friendly and sustainable textiles — all come in to generate a cosy yet luxe vibe. Hues inspired by nature like peaceful blues and mossy greens take the spotlight. At Isprava, we believe that this direction will never be dated, just like the all-favourite grey-washed aesthetic. That’s why you’ll see a lot of this inspiration in our interiors. 


For a long time now, the love for terrazzo floors have reigned, and it continues to do so, especially at Isprava. Textured and three-dimensional tiles have moved from just the floors to everywhere in luxury homes. On the floors, backsplashes, entire walls, showers — you will see these tiles take over entire spaces, and be put together in subtle contrasts and variations. Statement shelves have taken a backseat, and textured tiles are driving style forward. These tiles give a premium handcrafted feel — and if that doesn’t spell luxury, we don’t know what does.


Amenities are always a big part of luxury real estate, and always will be. This year, luxury homes take it a step further, as people are focusing on their well-being more now than ever before. So having tranquil spaces in your luxury home to practice yoga, exercise, meditate, get a massage, relax and rejuvenate is taking precedence over home theatre rooms and gaming dens. At Isprava, we take wellness very importantly. So we always try to incorporate spaces where you can indulge in peace and practice your wellness routines.


With the advent of technology, luxury homes are getting a massive upgrade. Everything is turning intuitive, and intelligent. Home automation systems are now, a must-have in luxury real estate. From automated lighting to temperature control, high-tech security systems and even voice-activated assistants — next up, artificial intelligence-inspired additions? It seems like, anything is possible in 2023. 


Sharp corners are a thing of the past, for now at least. Arches and curves that draw on retro trends are being applied in a modern way, everywhere. It makes sense, because rounded corners exude a sense of comfort and relaxation. You will see curves and rounded silhouettes on kitchen islands, bars, alcoves, windows, doorways, and even in lighting, sofas, chairs, tables and rugs.