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About Isprava

Isprava is built on three pillars. We offer exclusivity through one-of-a-kind homes, exquisitely crafted in the Indo-European tradition. We offer the highest levels of comfort, down to every last detail. Finally, we function with integrity in our dealings, whether complying with all paperwork and regulations or operating with consideration for the community.


We operate in unspoiled destinations with abundant natural beauty that offer quality transportation infrastructure, mobile connectivity, and easy access to key utilities and amenities. Currently focused on Goa and the Nilgiris, we plan to expand to other locations.

Goa | Nilgiris

Isprava Estates - Goa, Nilgiris


These are very large palatial homes on huge single plots of land.

Isprava Estates - Goa, Nilgiris


These are large family homes on single plots of land.

Isprava Estates - Goa, Nilgiris

Vaddos / Hamlets

These are shared plots for community living. Each home within the community has a completely unique design and an individual pool.



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For investor or buyer related inquiries, please contact us at +91 8080808797

For HR related queries, please contact us on +91 8080808797

Mumbai Office: 42A, Impression House, G D Ambekar Marg, Kohinoor Mill, Wadala, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400031.

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