Comprehensive responses to a long list of frequently asked questions about Isprava


  • An Isprava home is completely furnished and functional. Everything from the selection of materials, antiques and artwork is hand sourced from auction houses across the world, as well as Indian artisans to pay tribute to the local culture. You’ll find that every last detail right from your wine glasses to the wifi is available and taken care of. All you have to do is move in with your clothes.
  • Isprava’s design aesthetic is recognised for its unique perspective and our ability to work closely with you to understand your design sensibilities that include your references and ideas. We also share an interior design moodboard with you, allowing you to pick from a choice selection of flooring, beds, pool colour, sinks and so much more. Once, and only once you have given your assent, do we go ahead with execution.
  • It is important to note that once our team has commenced construction, we do not make changes to avoid increased costs and construction time. But rest assured, that we will deliver a home that is the manifestation of your dream abode.
  • We have an in-house team of experienced architects and designers. We also bring external expertise on-board for each project to ensure that every Isprava home we build is unique.
  • Every abode is furnished with the selection of materials, doors, antiques sourced from auction houses across the world sourced from durbars and palaces and hand selected pieces from Indian artisans to add to the singular theme each home exhibits, so no two Isprava edifices look the same.

Yes, all our homes are marked and easily locatable on Google Maps.

  • For villas and estates, we acquire a sales deed and immediately convey the land to the buyer. Isprava then forms a separate contract with the buyer(s) for their design and construction contractor to build their home.
  • Community home acquisition is followed in accordance with the RERA act, and is similar to purchasing an apartment or any plotted development under the act. The buyer acquires an undivided share of the land and exclusive right of access to the villa that he/she/they have purchased.

At Isprava, we have taken painstaking attention to detail to ensure that end-to-end transparency is one of our biggest strengths. We can admit with complete confidence that no stone has been left unturned to ensure that our independent homes for sale have clean properties with perfect titles and all permissions in place.
Isprava has also employed a dedicated legal team who addresses our paperwork for each plot of land. We move ahead with our purchases only once our teams have independently whetted a plot and given us a clear signal to go ahead.

Clean titles are an imperative feature of the Isprava moniker so development work cannot stop. We buy land only after our team of independent lawyers clear the area after looking back through 80 years’ worth of information at the titles (most lawyers do not exceed 30 years). Isprava builds on freehold settlement land only.

Isprava’s signature style focuses on highlighting large open spaces around the homes we build for a capacious effect that interacts seamlessly with the edifice itself. Maximum utilisation of FSI is a secondary concern.

  • Villas/Estates: usually around 24-30 months.
  • Community homes: usually around 30 – 36 months. The time required for a community home to be constructed also depends on the number of units so it could be a little less or more than this. In community living, we deliver all homes together.

Note: The above is a construction timeline and excludes time spent on permissions.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality within efficient deadlines and gun to finish approximately 40 days ahead of the given schedule. Isprava has a stellar record of timely delivery – we have never once delayed a project, even during the pandemic and all its resulting lockdowns. Should there be a delay, we offer our clients MCLR +2% – a standard procedure followed by all developers.

A professional property management team that includes a round-the clock concierge service, housekeepers, plumbers, gardeners, guest relationship managers and well-trained security guards takes care of every Isprava home built. Building beautiful homes for our clients has little value if we do not maintain their pristine state with attention to detail.

Cooks/ chefs are not a part of our standard packages for property management. However, Isprava does provide for home style cooks who you can hire on a daily basis when you visit your home.

  • Finding land near to the sea or overlooking the sea with clear land titles is really difficult in general, and buyers don’t want to take the risk of having land with unclear titles as they fall into CRZ (coastal regulation zone) where you cannot build within 500 meters of the sea (unless there is already a plinth and you build on that)
  • Even if you do find a property with clear land titles near or overlooking the beach, the land would be really expensive and would be roughly 5 to 6 times of the other locations. (Since land with clear titles overlooking the beach or near the beach are really very rare and hence there is low value for what you are getting)
  • Typically these places would be very commercial and noisy. Of course buyers don’t want to be in the crowded places, and rather be in places that are slightly more private, but well connected to malls, super markets, beaches, restaurants etc

Hence, we do homes in the nice green residential parts of Goa, where you’re close enough to the sea and beaches to drive down there, but at the same time you are in the peaceful and the private prime locations of Goa.

We understand your need for privacy, and have designed our community homes accordingly – no Isprava home faces the other. Not only are our community homes featured in a gated space, each structure features its own gardens and private pool that are deliberately built to avoid direct line of sight from neighbouring homes. Secure walls bifurcate each home, as do chain link fences or bamboo partitions. We also plant taller trees on the periphery of each plot to provide a natural cover. Of course, you can expect to see or hear your neighbours at some point, however, we go to great lengths to ensure that the community shares a like-minded perspective on quality living.

Isprava provides all its homes with a full-load diesel generator set, which can be used as a backup during power cuts.

  • We provide a PWD (public works department) water connection in all our homes.
  • Tankers are called for in the event there is a water shortage.

At Isprava our client’s comfort and convenience is paramount. Our team with whom you are connected from the enquiry stage will be there throughout your journey with Isprava all the way till we handover the home to you.

  • Lohono Stays by Isprava, is Isprava’s sister company that handles the Maintenance and Rentals of all Isprava homes.
  • Our aspiration is to create a curated portfolio of the most beautiful homes in diverse locations across India and around the world. We currently have homes in Goa, Coonoor, Alibaug, Karjat, Lonavala, Phuket, Koh Samui, and Bali. Having recently added Kasauli to our expanding list, we are venturing into North India as well.
  • Any homeowner who buys with Isprava also gets the benefits and discounts across Lohono properties.