Isprava luxury homes for sale in ALIBAUG!

About Isprava

  • As a company, we are fairly young - we started over 6 years ago.
  • We specialize in the design, construction of Luxury villas in Goa, Coonoor and Alibaug for discerning individuals. A typical Isprava home is designed by leading international designers, is fully furnished with antique furniture (from durbars and palaces) and is maintained by a property management team on an owner’s behalf.
  • As a company, we have been invested in by the Godrej Family, Piramal Family and other top Industrialists/Professionals from Deutsche Bank, UBS Bank, etc. Mr. Nadir Godrej is on our Board of Directors.
  • Our customers include some really successful individuals – the founder of SpiceJet, co-founder of Infosys, the Former Executive Director Nomura, Hong Kong, and Hindoostan Mills founders among others

What does Isprava mean?

  • Isprava means ‘strength’ in Croatian. The significance is that the pillars we build our homes with, are extremely strong and sturdy. 

Who started the company & why?

  • Isprava was founded by Nibhrant Shah. Nibhrant was an investment banker till 2012, and was looking for Luxury villas in Goa at the time. He visited Goa with his brother, Dhimaan, but they did not find any Private villa in Goa they liked. The standard homes available on the market lacked exclusivity and authenticity (they were the typical cookie cutter homes and all looked similar). 
  • So, they decided to start a company that would offer customers a better alternative to the typical holiday homes available.
  • We originally started off with just a couple of homes, but as we built, we found that people were really liking our work, and our small base of customers was growing organically but rapidly because people were recommending us to their friends and families, and even buying multiple Isprava homes themselves. So, due to market demand, Isprava was born, and today we take great pride in the fact that our customers are very happy with what we are able to offer them. 

Who designs your homes?

  • We use some of the best international designers for each home, for instance our first home was designed by a leading German firm (Patzschke) and we have many such names we work with from the industry.
  • This, along with the fact that we use a lot of antique furniture sourced from durbars and palaces and our different themes for each home ensure that no two homes of ours look the same.

How do you ensure that your land and titles are clean?

  • This is one of our biggest strengths.
  • Something we pay a lot of attention to is ensuring that the Independent house for sale in Coonoor and Goa have clean properties with perfect titles and all permissions in place.
  • We have various lawyers who look at our paperwork for each plot of land and only once they have independently cleared a plot, do we move ahead with purchasing it.

Tell me about your property management.

  • Our homes are maintained by a professional property management team, including housekeepers, plumbers, gardeners, guest relationship managers, and security guards because we realize that maintaining your home is important to you, and we take pride in making your life a bit easier
  • When you buy villas in Goa, villas in Coonoor or villas in Alibaug , our property management services are free for a year.

What do your homes cost?

  • The price range varies and completely depends on the size and type of home. Our homes cost anywhere between 5 Cr – 40 Cr and above.
  • Our Estates start from 15 crores onwards. These are huge plots and palatial homes.
  • Our Villas start from 8.5 onwards. These are large plots with homes meant for family living.
  • Our Gated Communities Villas start from 5 crores onwards. These are shared plots for community living. Having said that, each home is completely unique and has its own swimming pool.

Where do you have homes?

Currently, we have homes in:

  • Goa 
  • Coonoor
  • Alibaug
  • We will expand to other locations in India and internationally as well soon

Why Goa?

  • Goa for us was an obvious location because everyone in India loves it!
  • The connectivity from all major domestic and international airports is great (there are many daily direct flights from Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and many other cities).
  • Goa has some of the best restaurants, beaches, an amazing nightlife and has a great history and culture.
  • Buying property in Goa offers significant and Swift capital appreciation on your property.

Why The Nilgiris?

  • If you visit The Nilgiris, you will fall in love with the destination. 
  • The Nilgiris is a breath-taking destination, and consist of Ooty, Coonoor, and Kotagiri
  • Kotagiri has been voted as a location with the best year round weather by Nat Geo.
  • The location has easy access from Coimbatore airport (only about 1.5 hours for any of the 3 destinations). Kotagiri , Coonoor and Ooty are all 20 minutes away from each other. 
  • To give an example, door to door, The Nilgiris are closer to Mumbai than Mahableshwar, including the time taken waiting at the airport. 
  • Kotagiri specifically is a very exclusive location. In the Kodanad area, most of the land is owned by Jayalalithaa. Therefore, the roads are world class and power and water supply is in abundance

What are The Nilgiris?

  • The Nilgiris is a breath-taking destination, and consist of Ooty, Coonoor, and Kotagiri.
  • Ooty has a population of about 2 lakhs, which is higher than Coonoor and Kotagiri. It is connected by the Nilgiri ghat roads. It is a popular summer destination as well. There are beautiful lakes and golf courses.
  • Coonoor has a population of about 1 lakh, and is less populated than Ooty. It is a taluka (administrative division) of the Nilgiris district. The famous Catherine falls is in Coonoor.
  • Kotagiri has a population of around 1.5 lakhs, and is the headquarters of the Nilgiris district. Kotagiri specifically is a very exclusive location. In the Kodanad area, most of the land is owned by Jayalalithaa. Therefore, the roads are world class and power and water supply is in abundance. Kodanad view point in Kotagiri is absolutely spectacular.
  • We have options in Coonoor and Kotagiri, so your choice of location completely depends on your preferences, but you can’t go wrong with any.

How is the weather in The Nilgiris?

  • The weather is absolutely beautiful in The Nilgiris. In fact, Kotagiri, where we are building some homes, was voted by Nat Geo as the place with the best year round weather, so you can’t go wrong with it.
  • Summer: maximum 25 °C; minimum 10 °C.
  • Winter: maximum 20 °C; minimum 0 °C.
  • We use old techniques for building, and all our homes are unique with antique furniture, unlike the typical gated communities which looks like any home you would perhaps find in Gurgaon.
  • We use load bearing walls since our homes don’t have pillars.
  • This keeps the house cool, and helps us achieve the aesthetic we want to.
  • The laterite stone also helps us to construct really high ceilings in all our homes.
  • Our floors are made of IPS (Indian Patented Stone) – these are beautiful and again go with our philosophy of using traditional techniques. (NOTE: If asked on cracks - These floors get small cracks over time, but this adds to the beauty of the home).

Why Alibaug?

  • It's not just the 'mini-Goa' of Maharashtra. Alibaug is a destination having pristine views, windy beaches, and lush greenery. For its ancient forts, temples, forest areas, multiple beaches, and great weather all-year-round. And its connectivity, through road as well as water (only 45 mins away by ferry), makes it an easy getaway for everyone. Isprava's Alibaug is a place to escape and stay amidst nature.
  • You can choose from gated community, estates and villas in Alibaug.

Any other locations being looked at? Why?

  • Yes, apart from Goa and The Nilgiris, we are looking at Sri Lanka as our next destination.
  • Sri Lanka as a destination is just as much fun as Goa is. Previously, foreigners were not allowed to own a home in Sri Lanka, but in Jan 2015 the parliament introduced a bill saying they will allow foreigners to buy. This bill should be passed within the next 6-12 months, after which we will look to enter Sri Lanka.
  • We have a long list of potential international buyers from London, Singapore, the US, and other places, who want to buy Isprava homes, and Sri Lanka is a beautiful destination that will allow us to offer our homes to them.

Do you have any sea-facing homes?

  • We do not have luxury villas in Goa that are sea facing homes, but we do have river facing homes which have an equally beautiful view, as the homes are on the bank of the thickest part of the Chapora River in Morjim.
  • We don’t deal in sea facing villas mainly because land titles are not easy to get as they fall into CRZ (Coastal Regulation Zone) where you cannot build within 500 meters of the sea (unless there is already a plinth and you build on that), and also prices would go up at least 3-4 times.
  • The National Green Tribunal and NGOs have a really strong influence in Goa so you would not want to break any laws there.

Who owns your homes?

  • Our customers include some really successful individuals – the founder of SpiceJet (Sanjay Malhotra), co-founder of Infosys (Kris Gopalakrishnan), the Former Executive Director, Nomura, Hong Kong (The Lambas), and Hindoostan Mills founders (Raoul Thackersey), famous cricket legend (Sunil Gavaskar) among others.
  • If you are keen on buying one of our homes and would like to speak to one of them, we’ll try to make this happen based on their availability.

Can you share the exact location of your homes on a map?

  • Yes, of course. When we send you the brochures you will find a map inside with the exact location of our homes.
  • Our luxury villas in Goa are in a fantastic location in the North, and close to a lot of great restaurants and beaches.

Are your homes on Google maps?

  • Yes, all our homes are on Google maps.

What all does Isprava do in terms of the scope of work?

  • Isprava provides an end-to-end solution right from buying the land, to constructing a beautiful home for you, to handing it over, to managing your property, because we want to make your lives as easy and convenient as possible as we realize time is limited. It’s very difficult to buy land, clear titles, construct in both locations we have homes in.

What all amenities do we get? Is that inclusive of the total cost?

  • Our goal is to make our customers’ lives as convenient as possible because we realize our buyers place a premium on their time. So we try to provide everything we can think of and more!
  • We fully furnish the homes for you. We source a lot of antiques, artefact from palaces and mansions in India and Europe. We also provide with cutlery, crockery and soft furnishings.
  • A list of white goods like ACs, Full Load Diesel Generator Set, WiFi, Refrigerator, Coffee Machine, Washing Machine etc. are inclusive of the total cost.
  • A private swimming pool (only in our Goa homes)
  • Property management services free in the first year. The services include a property manager, gardener, plumber, housekeeper, gatekeeper for 1 year for free. Our staff is trained by the same hospitality company that trains four seasons’ staff.
  • Repainting, other civil/repair work included for a year for free.
  • A Monthly MIS will be sent including details of when lights, ACs, Generator Set and other appliances were turned on. Also, if any fruits were grown in your courtyard – we ask you what you would like to do with them (sell it or maybe send it to your place).
  • Following 1 year, you get a property manager free forever (what does the property manager do – he pays the bills, looks after the house and makes sure everything is in place, he can be contacted anytime required by the customers).
  • Other property management services (gardener, plumber, housekeeper, gatekeeper) can be done with Isprava for a cost after completion of 1 year* (depending on the size of the home and also on the number of services you would like to avail from us. It can range anywhere from 10k – 75k)

Do you build something around the house? Like a garden or something?

  • Our luxury villas in Goa with private pool also have a gazebo, a well, a courtyard, and plantations with fruits.
  • Our gated communities of course have a shared well because that makes more sense since the land is shared. They also have individual pools inside or outside the home and smaller gardens with greenery and plantations along with a beautiful cobblestone street.
  • Our villas in Coonoor are surrounded by tea plantations, have a well and a garden with a gazebo where you can have your morning and evening tea overlooking the endless tea plantations.

Does each home have a swimming pool?

  • All our luxury villas in Goa and Alibaug have swimming pools. Even the homes in our gated community (Vaddo) have individual pools in them. 

Do you provide some mosquito repellents or nets for the mosquitos in the villa?

  • Yes, we can definitely do this and we have done this in one of our homes already (Villa Branco in Anjuna).
  • Also, we recommend and can do a pest control once a year for you apart from providing you with some mosquito repellents.

Is a cook included in the property management services?

  • No, there is no cook included in the property management services. However, we can find a cook for you on a temporary or permanent basis at an additional cost.

People face a lot of issues when it comes to power cuts in Goa, how do you cater to that?

  • We provide with a Full load Diesel GeNerator Set which can be used as a backup during the times there are power cuts.

People face a lot of issues when it comes to water cuts in Goa, how do you cater to that?

  • We provide a PWD (Public Works Department) water connection in all our homes.
  • We also provide wells to ensure water supply is not an issue.

Is there a well in the Nilgiris homes?

  • Yes, Gleneagle Estate, which is already completed in Kotagiri has a well. All our homes have or will have wells.

What is the internet speed like in Goa?

  • The internet speed in Goa can be up to 50 mbps.
  • We have employees who work in Goa full time and they access the internet, send emails, send and download large files without facing any hindrances.

Can one work from Goa?

  • Yes, one definitely can work from Goa.
  • The internet speed can be up to 50 mbps.
  • The phone network is decent as well.
  • Our homes also have a full load diesel generator set which so you won’t have problems with power and electricity.
  • Also, cafes and restaurants make for great locations to have meetings if you like.
  • Goa also has easy connectivity and fairly decent roads.
  • We provide a shared office space to all Isprava home owners; this office has fully equipped work stations and is located in Vagator, Anjuna.

Are you based in Goa? Where is your office?

  • Our head office is based in Mumbai, but we have an office in Goa from where our local teams work from. We also have representatives in The Nilgiris, who would be happy to show you around, if you would be visiting anytime soon.

What does Isprava do for the community?

We at Isprava, understand how important it is to develop methods that minimize as much as possible, the damage caused to the environment in particular, and run businesses in a manner that considers social and economic effects in general. We are committed to keep Goa clean. We don’t just strive to make a difference in your life. We also want to make a difference in the world.

By undertaking socially responsible initiatives like:

  • We have incorporated rainwater harvesting in the homes and an irrigation system.
    Rainwater harvesting reduces the demand for groundwater and mains water use by 80%
    while irrigation system saves approximately 30% to 40% of water.
  • Isprava is committed to keeping the locales we work in – clean. We have incorporated waste management program by installing standardized color-coded German bins that have clear signage and are odor proof with wheels for easy transportation to segregate waste. The compost from dry waste is used for gardening while the waste from each home is turned into organic manure and deposited into the home compost kit.
  • Isprava has gone an extra mile to inculcate sustainability in the flooring at all homes. Old Burma teak sourced from retired ships adorn most of the floors, in addition to handmade cement tiles and stone that add to the diversity in design. Refurbished wood from heritage buildings across India is used as doors and windows in our homes.

How are payments made (schedule wise)?

  • Our payment schedule is linked to construction. We can send you a standard payment schedule we have for all our buyers.

How do we go about waste management in our homes?

  • We are committed to keep Goa clean. Our homes include a waste segregation system. We have installed standardized colour- coded German bins that have clear signage and are odour proof with wheels for easy transportation. The compost from dry waste is used for gardening in our homes while a home composter kit is used to create manure from food waste.

How to get to Coonoor?

  • The journey to either Coonoor or Kotagiri via Mettupalayam would take about two hours. You can also access Kotagiri via Coonoor or vice versa. The drive from Mettupalayam as one comes up to the Nilgiris is extremely picturesque and a lot of natural waterfalls can be seen along the way.

Is the home fully furnished?

  • From selecting land to conducting due diligence, furniture to fixtures, electrical works to maintenance, everything is taken care of. At Isprava, all you do is arrive with your clothes.

Places to visit in The Nilgiris

  • In the "blue hill mountains', a simple walk, breathing in good quality air can be gratifying. When at Albany Cottage, you can visit Sim's Park, Dolphin's Nose, Droog Fort, Kadanad Point and enjoy lavishing cuisines in popular eateries that are just a few minutes away.

Can you build on the entire piece of land in Goa?

  • GOA

    • Land in Goa is classified as follows:
      • Old Settlement Land (what Isprava buys): This implies settlement under Regional Planning (RP) 2001. The FSI here is about 0.6-0.8 (which means you can build on 60-80% of the land in terms of square footage & FSI).
      • Orchard Land: Isprava never buys Orchard Land as you cannot build on this.
      • New Settlement Land: This is orchard land that has been converted into settlement land under RP 2021. The problem is that this law has not been passed yet so it is risky to buy this.
      • Cultivable (Agricultural): Paddy fields. You cannot build anything on this.
    • Other information:
      • NDZ (Non Development Zone): Where you cannot develop. CRZ (Coastal Regulation Zone) is included in this. CRZ is where you cannot build within 500 meters of the sea (unless there is already a plinth and you build on that).
      • Gradient Rules: If the gradient is over 25% approximately, you cannot build.

    • In the Nilgiris we now have the permission to develop upto 250 sq mt on any plot regardless of the size of the plot. ~ 2700 sq ft.
    • To build beyond 250 Sq mt we need to apply for a HACA which goes to state government for approval in Chennai.

Does the construction continue during monsoons?

  • Absolutely. During the monsoons our workers usually concentrate on carpentry and not things like painting, but work definitely continues because we set aggressive deadlines to delivery our properties, so we are very efficient.

If I buy in advance, how do I know you will complete the home?

  • We are extremely reliable and one of the imperative things we look into is ensuring clean titles for the land we buy (which is a major reason that some developers have to stop their development work). We buy land only after our two independent lawyers clear it after looking back 80 years at the titles (instead of the usual 30 years).
  • Also, for us, we take great pride in being efficient and aggressive with our timelines of constructing in 24 months, because our goal is not to just sell to you, but we want you to be happy and tell your friends and family members who are looking for homes about us as well.
  • We always incorporate a penalty clause in our contracts for a late delivery of our homes.

How long does a home take to build?

  • Villas/Estates: usually around 14-18 months.
  • Gated Communities: usually around 22 - 24 months. The time for a villa to get constructed also depends on the number of units, so it could be a little less or more than this.

How are the rental yields in Goa?

  • Luxury villas in Goa offer significantly higher rental yields than other places in India. We recently did a study for one of our customers, and found that Isprava homes can yield anywhere between 7-10% annually in terms of rent alone.
  • Keep in mind that our villas are not built for the primary purpose of being rented, yet they generate a great rental yield.
  • A rental yield of even 5% in a worst case scenario is still double of what you would make in a place like Bombay.

How much would the cost be per square feet?

  • We usually sell our homes as a piece of art with antique furniture and exclusive international quality designs, and don’t quote a per square feet rate.

I would like to follow the Vastu Shastra norms, do you allow that?

  • Vastu is of course looked at and to the extent possible; we try to achieve what is practically from a Vastu standpoint. If it is completely impractical, it is sometimes difficult to achieve the absolute correct planning from a Vastu point of view (For example, we would not put the bathroom of a room in the direction of the view that plot has; similarly, if the plot entrance is on the west or south, it is difficult to plan the home entrance in the absolute best Vastu position.

When I plan to visit my home in Goa/The Nilgiris, do you guys arrange for a car pick-up and drop?

  • Yes, absolutely (for buyers only)
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