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Why work with Isprava?

If you are a go-getter, enjoy a good challenge and are inclined towards gaining an in-depth understanding of the luxury real estate world, we’re hiring! Find out which of these departments you are best suited for and apply.

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Customer Relationship Management

At Isprava, we believe in building and strengthening relationships with our customers by making each interaction count. Working as a member of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team is an invaluable opportunity for growth in sales, being instrumental in expanding our operations in new markets, and a chance to interact with an exclusive group of successful people from around the world. 

Guest Relations

Everything that we do at Isprava is geared towards ensuring the complete satisfaction of our valued guests. We endeavour to make their experience seamless and memorable. Our Guest Relationship team has, over the years, built a strong and special connection with our guests. Friendly and organised, with excellent communication skills, our guest relations team is ever ready to go above and beyond to ensure the comfort of our guests.


Our operations management team works on the ground and in our headquarters to ensure that every Isprava home meets the highest standards of quality. This role requires coordinating and working with every department within the company, from purchase to project management and logistics. The aim is to create efficient and effective systems and processes. If you enjoy a challenge and have strong analytical skills, you will find working in this department energising and enjoyable.


Many homeowners choose to rent out homes through Isprava. Hospitality management, therefore, is an integral part of our business model. The responsibilities of the team in charge of this department includes creating demand for rentals, catering to our elite guests and crafting memorable experiences for them at our homes.


We cater to the world’s top 1% demographic, which is why our marketing strategies are one of a kind. The marketing management team at Isprava looks for individuals who don’t just have strong communication skills but are interested in the luxury sector, are highly motivated, enthusiastic learners, detail-oriented and team players. An interest in social media, PR strategies and planning, event planning and digital marketing is a prerequisite!


We have a multidisciplinary legal team that works with diverse agencies, including the government, local panchayats, customers and vendors. The aim is to develop a robust legal framework and effective processes for legal documentation and execution. Team members are expected to lead negotiations and structure legal and commercial documents while communicating with other teams.


The Finance team works on innovative financing solutions and deal structures to fuel the growth of the business, while also interacting with investors such as large corporations, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. As a part of the financial team, the work and responsibilities would include various capital budgeting and corporate finance constructs to maximise shareholder value.


We are looking to expand our accounts team and are always looking for dedicated, hard-working people well versed in accounting and taxation laws. This role involves developing and maintaining accounting principles, practices and procedures to ensure accurate and timely financial statements.

Land and Permissions

Isprava pays particular attention to acquiring the land for its properties and the permissions required for the same so our homeowners receive a home with a clean chit. All permissions, legal requirements and community management procedures are handled with efficacy and attention to detail so your purchasing process is seamless and easy.  Any land acquired to build and craft an Isprava home is carefully handled by our land and permissions team who works on two fronts: a dedicated team that works on ground to scope land with quality, and another that handles operations from our headquarters in Mumbai. Each team comprises a mix of highly skilled professionals: the former is responsible for identifying quality opportunities across various cities and markets, while the latter streamlines all process implementation so a purchase experience is hassle-free and convenient.