The Art Of Luxury Living

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The art of luxury living and how to have your home exude it in style

From your houseplants to your upholstery, from a chef’s kitchens to high-tech automations, and custom-everything — there’s so much you can do to incorporate high-end design and style into your luxury home. We give you a small dose of inspiration on the moves to make for your next luxurious home — it’s an art, after all. 


Lighting has become a key aspect of design and style in luxury homes, moving away from a functional-only outlook. The role it plays, whether it is task lighting or layered lighting, ambient, recessed or mood lighting — it makes a big difference to every space. From statement chandeliers to wall sconces, pendant lights, globes to lighting exhibits in unique materials like paper or fabric — there are so many unique options to light up your luxury home in style. Home automation is another way to give your systems at home a sophisticated upgrade. At Isprava, we love how our lights become an element of decor in the brightest ways.


Less is sometimes more luxurious. By removing excess curios and replacing them with a few key statement pieces, will open up your space, and make your home feel more avant-garde. There are many ways to do this. Enlarge the room by removing walls, adding bi-fold doors and injecting nature through houseplants. Invest in smart and stylish storage solutions, so your exteriors remain underdressed, yet you can hold all your treasures safely. Link indoor spaces to outdoor spaces where walls of windows allow natural light to flood the room. Or simply work the art of rearrangement, where decluttering is the name of the game. 


Material selection can contribute greatly to the overall ambience of a home. Isprava always uses high-end finishes like antique gold, marble, stone, wood, wallpapers and even concrete (a material set to reign this year) — and it does do wonders in an effortless way. Repurposing furniture with a new face using rich and unique upholstery is another great method to bring in a luxe overhaul. The nuanced two-tone look is trending big, or you could opt for a rich plaid paired with velvet or leather. Using premium finishes, materials and luxe touches will go a long way.  


Beautiful infinity pools over looking rolling greens and breathtaking views. Large, towering trees in the backyard that provide shade and design to your landscape. Wooden decks with sun loungers, an outdoor bar and barbecue station. A secluded area on the lawn where you can practice yoga and meditation. Patio dining that forms the perfect brunch setting. If this doesn’t say luxury, we don’t know what does! At Isprava, we pay great attention to detail towards our outdoor spaces, just as much as we do for the indoors. 

Add some bold flavor to your luxury home with kitchen’s designed for every home chef’s dreams. Fitted with premium finishing for cabinetry and counter tops; equipped with all the latest appliances and cooking gadgets, and designed to be smart in function is the way to go. Just as important, is your pantry. Design it in a way that prioritizes function, maximizes storage and boasts of smart organization. The pantry is no longer just a room where you store food — it has become an extension of the kitchen, and our lives — showcasing our food habits, meal plans and foods sorted by group and mood.