The Benefits Of Owning A Luxury Home

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Luxury homes that keep on giving 

There are so many benefits of owning a luxury home, besides the beautiful views, private pools, technology evolutions, souped up interiors and community amenities that come along. Here’s our masterclass on the gains you will enjoy from the moment you make that savvy investment.


When you invest in a luxury home — the power of freedom lies with you. Sure, the initial price tag may seem substantial, but luxury properties come with the benefit of control compared to other assets in your portfolio such as stocks and bonds. Right from the get-go, you can make decisions that you think will have an impact on the future value of your home. From purchasing the kind of luxury home you want, in the location you desire, to going ahead and transforming it into something even better. The choice is yours when to add updates, renovate, flip or sell it, as you watch the way the market moves.

Ultimately, luxury homes and villas are becoming even more scarce in supply, so the demand from affluent buyers will always be enthusiastic — especially if your product is premium, with exclusive features and situated in beautiful locations. With this, you can confidently sell your luxury property at a higher price, and you are likely to walk away with a significant and happy return on your investment. 


From holiday escapes to intimate weddings, bachelor parties to high-profile events — luxury homes and villas can become the ultimate stage for it all. That’s why they are a very lucrative rental income opportunity for many. Homeowners can easily market their beautiful luxury villa while leveraging the luxury aspects of the property. From the all-inclusive amenities, entertainment features and experiential offerings to the style and design of the home — everything becomes an attraction. Including the location — especially if it is a luxury home in Goa or Alibaug, which are popular vacation destinations, and the preferred non-urban hot spots where Isprava has crafted many bespoke luxury homes.

Additionally, the home should be breath taking, private, and securely tucked away area, yet in close proximity to markets, hospitals, schools, airports, retail stores and more. The setting should make its renter feel like they are on holiday, and getting the opportunity to experience 7-star living with a unique home-style warmth and comfort. These kind of luxury homes will easily cultivate the right kind of interest from high-net-worth individuals seeking temporary accommodations — who will be willing to pay top dollar just to live a few days of their lives in your beautiful home. At Isprava, the team will help you through the rental processes, by leveraging your property and making the entire experience seamless and hassle-free. 


You could also enjoy tax benefits like deductions on property tax, lower mortgage interest rates, and depreciation benefits. It can become an import tactic to add some income to your cash flow, or at the very least, become a method to reduce expenses. However, in our opinion, this shouldn’t be your primary goal for investing in a luxury home, and you should always consult with your tax advisor to understand the benefits that would apply to you and your situation.


The kind of luxury homes we are talking about have it all. They come with custom-everything: from furnishings to finishing, nooks and corners with personalized details, interiors that are inspired by travel and heritage craftsmanship, luxurious chef’s kitchens, private pools with attached sun decks, bedrooms where walk-in closets showcase possessions like a luxury boutique. When homeowners buy into this kind of luxury offering, they can get what they want — the best-in-class amenities, intuitive technology systems, the finest appliances, in-house gym, wine cellar, personal office space, gaming den, the works. Everything has the potential to reflect their personal aesthetics, exclusive aspirations and unique requirements. With these kind of customizations comes the promise of living a lifestyle that is elevated and an enhanced quality of life. After all, at Isprava, we always believe the best investment is the one you make in yourself.