Don’t forget to pack these things when traveling to your Holiday Home!

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Goa is one of those places where you enjoy access to just about every kind of amenity and convenience but also allows you to stay disconnected if you so choose to. So, when you plan a holiday and pack your bags—and inevitably end up forgetting something vital—you’ll be sure to find whatever you need in this sun-kissed state. However, there are some things that you just shouldn’t forget to carry with you when you head out on your holiday. 

The best thing about opting for private bungalows on rent in Goa is that more often than not, they come fully furnished, so you don’t have to worry about taking along things to make the house livable. All you have to do is focus on you! 

And lucky for you, we’ve made a list of things you really should take along when you jet off to your luxury villa on rent in Goa:Luxury villas in goa with private pool

Swimsuit: Chances are that the private bungalow on rent in Goa that you have booked for your holiday comes equipped with a private pool too. A swimsuit, therefore, should not be left behind. Then there are those pristine beaches as well. If you plan on staying in the water for a large part of your holiday, it might be a good idea to carry at least a couple of swimsuits.

Sunscreen: It’s not just a good idea but a necessity, especially if you plan to go somewhere tropical and plan on spending most of your time outdoors, as you would invariably do in Goa.

Sunglasses: These are a must along with the sunscreen to ensure complete protection against those UV rays.  Pool villa in goa

Beach blanket: A private bungalow on rent in Goa may well have its own swimming pool but a visit to the beach when in this tropical haven is an absolute must. So carry your favourite beach blanket and get comfortable on the sandy shore of one of the numerous beaches in Goa.

A good book: In the middle of finishing a particularly juicy thriller? If you enjoy reading, then your luxury villa on rent in Goa will probably have wonderful nooks and sit-outs where you can lounge around while diving into a book. 

Gadgets and their accessories: Air pods, iPad, power bank, charging cable—they’re the lifelines in today’s tech-ridden world, so be sure you carry them along with you. And don’t forget that laptop too if you want to (or need to) check in with your office. Of course, you can leave it right at home if disconnecting from work is on your agenda!  

Personal care products: Moisturizers, shampoos, body lotions, conditioners are an entirely private matter so it’s best to carry your own. And thrown in the hairbrush and hair tie while you’re at it.

Medicines: Be sure to carry your stash of vitamins and multivitamins or anything else that you typically consume or what your doctor has prescribed for you.

Mosquito repellent: Always essential to have one on you at all times.  

Cash: There are ATMs available everywhere, and Google Pay is a handy tool when you don’t want to carry cash around. But be sure to have some loose money with you. You never know when it might be of use!

Protective gear: In the age of the pandemic, be sure you don’t forget your face mask and hand sanitizer too. Luxury homes in goa

The right footwear: Don’t forget to carry your flip-flops for the beach and to wear around the private villa. And a sturdy pair of sneakers is a must if you plan on going sightseeing or trekking.

Vaccine certificate: You never know when you’ll need to flash your vaccination certificate, so if you are double vaccinated or boosted, keep the certificate downloaded and easily accessible on your phones.