Moving to Goa: What Can You Expect?

Moving to Goa: What Can You Expect? - Pool Villa in Goa

Fresh air, greenery everywhere, languid afternoons on sun-soaked beaches, and a chance to slow down are all things that you know you will find when you head to Goa for a much-needed break—a long one or a short one. But ever wondered what it would be like to adopt Goa as your home? Move there permanently, or at least spend a large chunk of your year basking in Goan warmth? A lot of people have, in fact, moved to the island state to escape the frantic pace and ever-increasing crowds of big-city life, more so since the pandemic hit. It has also become easier to do so given the rise in the number of self-contained luxurious villas for rent in North Goa, as well as other parts. 

But the charms of a holiday and the grind of daily living are never the same. So, what can you expect when you make the big move? And what makes Goa score high?

Moving to Goa: What Can You Expect? - Luxury Villa in Goa

Open spaces and proximity to beaches: This one’s a no-brainer! Homes are as different as what you would come to expect from cookie-cutter apartments in metros, where you can peek out and scream out a hello to your neighbor in the next building. Goan homes allow for privacy and much-needed distance from your nearest neighbor. And the beaches are a self-evident reality. Imagine having to simply walk down to sandy shores from whatever Goa villa for rent that you have decided to call home. Nothing could be more of a draw, could it?

Weather: While the summers do tend to be uncomfortably hot, the weather, by and large, is great—breezy despite the sunlight and pleasant nights.

The art of living: Anyone who has visited Goa would be familiar with the laid-back vibe that is unmistakable in the people. Susegad is what the Goans call it. This easygoing and helpful characteristic is a quality that adds to the charm of living here.

And the art of partying: Live music festivals and parties on the beach are more common than you think. If this is your kind of night about town, then there is always something to do in Goa.

Villas for Sale in North Goa - Cuisine Area

The cuisine: For seafood lovers, nothing can be more mouthwatering than the freshest catches of the day. And the variety of options where you can eat means you are certainly spoilt for choice.

Nature trails: If you plan to commune with nature and venture off on your own, there is a lot to be said for Goa. Its ubiquitous greenery and forest trails mean with proper guidance (or an exploratory spirit), you can spend a day off on your own with just nature for company.

Watersports: You couldn’t have come to a better spot for indulgence in some thrilling watersports!

This doesn’t mean that moving to Goa doesn’t come with its share of downsides. In the tourist season, for example, it does get noisy and chaotic and loud. And there would be some issues that you might face when it comes to settling in. Things tend to slow down here so you might find that you have to wait a bit longer if you are ever in need of a plumber or a handyman. But the cons are minor when compared to the pros. So if you are thinking about making that move, think fast and act quicker!