Timeless Decor Trends We Love

Decor trends

Gone are the days when fashion and style were restricted to just runways; the influence of fashion has oozed out and seeped into our homes, creating a sense of style and persona reflected in each and every furnishing, figurine and fine art we add to our spaces. Timeless and trending, some things are always beautiful. Here’s to taking a look at some fashionable trends that have stood the test of time from runway to corridor. 


What once spelt luxury for Victorian regals is now adorning our furnishings. There is nothing more sensual than the romantic look of lace, a contrast to the darker tones of wood used in furniture. Taking inspiration from Dior, and Vivienne Westwood, infuse lace as part of your linen to give a sophisticated look to your home. The ideas are not restricted to just white lace, coloured laces work great in hems and borders giving your home linen a peppy look. 


The ultimate tease is one you can see and cannot see. Sheer can work great as a space enhancer especially when covering a smaller window making it seem bigger and more welcoming. Redefine breezy with some sheer curtains made of tulle, net or some cotton options too. If you want to jump on the trends bandwagon, get some sheer furnishing complemented with sequins or embroidery work that goes great with festive lighting or for hosting parties. 



An underrated metal, with the advent of stainless steel, brass remains forgotten but this metal is making a comeback in the way of fittings for your homes such as door knobs, scones and the perfect cask for your planters. Add a little brass for your dinner table too in the form of a water jug or a side plate to create a rustic yet homey look. The somewhat gold look with a slightly duller shine makes brass a great choice for affordability vice and for making a statement. 


Boho Prints

Who doesn’t love a good Boho print? The perfect prints for tropical weathered regions, Boho can revamp any home giving it a party look and making for some cool conversation when added. Infuse some Boho as part of your furniture, for example, instead of getting cushion covers with Boho prints you can add a patch of fabric directly to the upholster. Boho makes for great party theme additions and can be added as part of printed-painted crockery. 

Boho Prints

Multipurpose Furnishing

Ever since the pandemic began, multipurpose furnishing started making a trend and it seems like it is here to stay. Furniture that serves more than one purpose whether a footstool doubles up as a trunk or a chair doubles up as a magazine shelf, multipurpose furniture is the need of the hour and that is not going to change. Alternatively, you can now add furniture that is multipurpose and aids in relaxation too. A love seat with a back massager made for two, a swimming pool table that doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker perfect for your pool parties can add a bit of panache to your home.  

Statement Ceilings 

If you thought statement ceilings or something only celebrities do, you thought wrong. It is natural for anyone to come home to look up during their visit and homeowners are recognising the need for having a statement ceiling by adding art, wallpapers and smart lighting across the ceiling. One can also add a touch of marble and stone cladding to adorn your upper and let your imagination run wild.

statement ceilings

At Isprava, it is important that we allow our design team’s creative freedom to accomplish a stand-alone aesthetic and constantly strive to break the ceiling.