The Good Life of Goa

Beachy hair, bronzed skin, sandy toes, and a sunkissed nose along with your favourite cocktail to keep you company all day, everyday. Goa is a whole mood and the perfect getaway when you are in a dire need for a hiatus from life’s grind. The unparalleled beauty and rustic charm of this small town has the power to lure people from all over the world.

Casa Brava, Parra 

In this land of paradise, you will witness the perfect amalgamation of the Portuguese and the Goan culture right from the cuisine to the art and architecture of this sunshine state. Goa nestles some of the most magnificent looking architectural initiatives that take the form of churches, cathedrals and basilicas. These structures are a testimony to the rich culture and heritage reflected in every nook and corner of the state. Goa also offers some of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches present in the country.

Fonteira Vaddo B, Assagaon

The simple and laid back lifestyle coupled with the warm and friendly nature of its inhabitants  teaches you the importance of Carpe Diem! Life in Goa is all about living in the moment, be it spending an entire day on a beach sunbathing, going on a shopping spree at the Goa Flea market, witnessing the electrifying nightlife or doing some soul searching amongst nature.

Igreha Vaddo F, Siolim 

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