Life in paradise AKA Coonoor

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Isprava life in Coonoor is a testament to cultural richness, grandeur and scenic beauty. Waking up to the verdant hills of Coonoor, covered partially by the murky clouds, in a home surrounded by an inordinate variety of wildflowers, birds and waterfalls, is the closest one can come to experiencing heaven on earth. 

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Gleneagle Estate, Kotagiri

If you are on the lookout for an escape from that fast-paced and frenetic life, then Coonoor is the perfect place for you to unwind and relax. Every Isprava home in Coonoor is designed in tandem with the warmth and coziness that the place has to offer. A perfect blend of the tasteful British Colonial architecture and signature Isprava luxe, our Coonoor homes offer a spectacular view of the soaring Nilgiris, manicured gardens and terraced tea plantations. Another distinctive feature of our Coonoor homes is how secluded they are, allowing you to disconnect with the outer world and reconnect with your inner self. 

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Albany Cottage, Coonoor

Life in Coonoor is incomplete without your sensorium having experienced the myriad colours, flavours and aromas of the Nilgiris tea. The captivating beauty of the tea estates and the countless variety of flavours ranging from an intense floral flavoured Jasmine tea to an Oolong tea with sweet hints of caramel and peaches, will leave your taste buds spoilt for choice and longing for more. Once the mind, body and soul has been cosseted and replenished, and the adventure geek in you is all set for an escapade, you will witness the trekking and hiking trails all around Coonoor call out to you so very often. 

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Gleneagle Estate, Kotagiri

Our villas in Coonoor are a manifestation of its history, heritage and culture. Every Isprava villa for sale in Coonoor features a double-heighted foyer, stunning chandeliers and gazebos for you to enjoy the picturesque and breathtaking views of Coonoor with a freshly brewed cup of tea. So wait no more, come witness the epitome of luxury that the Isprava life offers. To buy a villa in Coonoor, reach out to us at +91 8080808797 or email on [email protected]