The 6 Pillars of Isprava

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Your values are where you procure your strength from, they become intrinsic to who you are. At Isprava, as the name suggests, our strength and support is derived from 6 essential pillars. These 6 pillars constitute our core defining principles. In every project, be it the gated community in Goa or the estates in Coonoor, and at every stage you will see an unassailable presence of all these 6 pillars, in the form of a silhouette, guiding and representing us for what we truly stand for.  

Unique Design
At Isprava, we love to illustrate a good juxtaposition of culture, design and aesthetics. We believe we are at a stage where our lifestyles are a blend of traditional and modern, and it is this variant that we want to shine light on. Our designs merge Indian tradition with Portuguese and British Colonial subtlety, natural materials and vintage aesthetics, quality and integrity and imagination along with innovation. 

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Chepstow Hall, Coonoor

All our homes are tastefully crafted to perfection, where every element is detailed to exceed the most discerning standards. Thus, ensuring that every home is handcrafted with love and has its own unique story to tell.  

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A perfect blend of past, present and future is what makes a home eternal. Since your home is a legacy that you intend to pass on to your future generations, it is important for us that it symbolizes tradition and heritage. Adding artefacts, vintage furniture and antique decor items sourced from old havelis, palaces, durbars and temples according to your taste, preferences and personalities is how we like to add character and depth to your homes. 

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At Isprava, we like to begin every endeavour with utmost trust, honesty and transparency. Buying a home can evoke a myriad of emotions. And thus, our primary goal is to simplify and create a hassle free experience for all our homeowners. 

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At Isprava, we not only build homes but we create an entire lifestyle, one that has a certain aspirational value attached to it. Thus, it is of utmost importance that every home, every encounter and every experience at Isprava evokes exquisiteness and panache. 

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Attention to detail to the environment and the community at large is something that we take immense pride in at Isprava. With every home, we have been able to fuel a community of artisans, craftsmen, designers, contractors and labourers all working towards a single goal and sharing a common value system. 

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Fairview Estate, Goa

Step into the Isprava community and witness the electrifying presence of these 6 pillars redefine luxury for you. To know more about our luxury villas for sale in Goa, luxury villas in Coonoor and premium villas for sale in Alibaug, reach out to us +91 8080808797 or email on [email protected]