Igreha Vaddo- Our first ever gated community

Gated community in Goa


Social proximity with like-minded people, the privacy of an independent villa laced with a rustic and grand feel is what our first gated community primarily about. With the literal meaning of ‘Church Village’, Igreha Vaddo is a colossal of six stunning villas in Goa, nourished amidst the serenity of Siolim.

Vintage décor

Covering over 3,050 square meters, the entire plot is connected with cobblestoned pathways. With a central street fringed by lights and a common parking lot, we intend to encourage the culture of interaction. At the same time, features like a private pool, garden and a backyard revive the privacy that each villa would need. Encompassed within a green landscape, the vaddo draws inspiration from Goan Portuguese villages; arched doors, open spaces for ventilation, vintage décor items, wooden accents, mirrors and other traditional interior elements. The doors and windows of the villas represent classic artistry of Goa’s heritage.

Classic combination of vintage and contemporary

The floor showcases hand-made art peculiar to Rajasthan and Karnataka. Designed by our experts and handcrafted by our artisans, the flooring of the villas has been done using handmade cement tiles and stones in different colours and patterns. Stones with checkered and brick patterns can be seen consistently around the house with the intention of uplifting the vibrancy. Bringing a classic combination of vintage and contemporary, the décor of the villas is furnished with vintage décor items, fabulous light fixtures, curated artefacts, kitsch items, wood, and brass pieces and a collection of unique paintings. Each luxury holiday home is fenced by tall bamboos, palms and plants, separating it from the rest of the villas while adding to the aesthetic surrounding.

Beautiful and best Gated community in Goa

The individuality of each villa, the perfect amalgamation of solitude and socializing along with the right balance of lux and functionality is what makes our first ever gated community a truly special property in Goa.