A Moment of Pride for Isprava

Isprava Villa

It is often said that a combination of incessant hard work, an unwavering commitment to perform better with each passing day and a spirit of resilience, makes for the ultimate roadmap to success. And today, on this noteworthy occasion of Isprava having ranked 89th in Financial Times (FT) London and Nikkei Asia’s list of Asia Pacific’s top 500 fastest growing companies of the year 2021, our conviction in this school of thought has only grown stronger.

Talking about the recent accolade, Nibhrant Shah, our Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, added, “We are honored to be featured in the Financial Times Ranking List. This recognition further emboldens Isprava’s vision to deliver best-in-class experiences in all aspects of our business by relying on our core values of integrity, comfort and exclusivity. Combined with a committed team who believe in our shared vision for the company, we look forward to scaling greater heights.”

Nibhrant Shah, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

While securing the 89th position, on this prestigious list, was in itself a huge moment of celebration, what truly made us cognizant of the magnitude of this achievement was that we ranked 12th out of the only 95 Indian companies to have been featured. Some of the other Indian start-ups cited in this list include PayTM, UpGrad and RazorPay. The other 405 companies included top unlisted start-ups from Japan, Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

In honour of this special occasion, Dhimaan Shah, our Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, said, “This is a huge achievement and a testament to the business and the execution capabilities of the team. Our business has shown resilience in the toughest times and we continue to thrive. We hope to keep the momentum going and achieve many more milestones going forward as well.

Dhimaan Shah, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

We truly believe that achieving this milestone is a testament to Isprava’s vision, which is to create luxury villas for our discerning clients in Goa, Alibaug and Nilgiris. We also feel very strongly that this recognition is a testament to our team’s tireless dedication and focused capabilities. As a company, we hope to continue to grow in the years to come with your support and faith in us.

Isprava Team