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We don’t just build beautiful houses. We craft homes that redefine luxury. Ones that are luxurious yet efficient. Comfortable yet elegant. Ones that showcase traditional techniques with a contemporary outlook. At Isprava, each home is different from the other. Each home has its own unique story to tell. Here are a few good reads to give you more insight on luxury villas in Goa, architecture, interiors and real estate markets

Advantages of building with Isprava

  Isprava specialises in the design and construction of sophisticated luxury holiday homes for discerning individuals. It is our endeavour to add at the utmost value to our customers and provide them with a hassle-free experience. In this blog, we would like to tell you all about the advantages of building a luxury holiday home with Isprava.    1. Save and make time     After years of experience, multiple projects, deliveries and several happy clients, we are proud to say that we have mastered every aspect of the purchase, design and construction of the home. Hence, building with us …

Dining by the pool

Perks of owning an Isprava home

  Our homes are our legacy, our heirloom. They reflect our personalities and foster our comfort zones. Our homes are our safe haven, somewhere we can sink in to hide from the beasty world outside. To be able to put little pieces of ourself in an architectural marvel, it truly a goal to live up to. At Isprava, we know the importance and value of being able to create a home that is unique and outstanding. Our luxury holiday homes are nothing short of elegance, charm and utmost utility. Here are the perks offered by the ownership of Isprava’s luxury …

Linens & Covers

5 easy articles to help deck-up your room

  Our room is our safe-haven, our personal space. Many a times, it reflects our personality too. How we set-up our room, the colours we choose, the articles we display, the upholstery we put up are all reflections of us and what we want to show. At Isprava, our attention to detail is what sets us apart from all others. Here are 5 easy articles that we swear by to help deck-up your room.   1. Linens and covers     Linens and covers are key to add a sense of warmth and comfort to your room. The right covers …

Bring your terrace to life

  Owning a private open space is a dream of most city people. Watching the stars and night go by or performing yoga asanas early in the morning, a private terrace is the most convenient place for it. Hosting elaborate parties or just a close-knit barbecue with your loved ones, an open terrace allows you to execute it all. Fortunately, all of Isprava’s private villas in Goa and villas for sale in Coonoor come with airy terraces offering beautiful sunset views. Here is a list of ways you can bring the best out of your terrace.   Light it up     Lighting …

Outdoor seating with a pool

Love, bliss & hues

  Introducing Fonteira Vaddo Say hello to Isprava’s picturesque gated community! Inspired by a charming Portuguese village, Fonteira Vaddo is tailor-made for the most blissful getaways. Located in idyllic Assagaon, Goa, Fonteira Vaddo redefines luxury. Spread across 4,000 sqm of land, this gated community provides quick and easy access to the hippest cafés, restaurants and yoga retreats in Assagaon. There are six homes up for rent here, each connected to the other by a dreamy cobblestone pathway. What’s more? These homes are fitted with the most striking doors and windows that once graced the homes of royalty. Impressive much? There is also …

Tech savvy homes by Isprava

Tech Savvy Homes

  The world is evolving at an ever-increasing speed. Technological advancement is at its peak in every spectrum of life. Today, we can see technology integrating itself with every aspect of life and around. We can see this integration even in our very own homes. The smart-home concept is quickly gaining popularity. We can see many homeowners installing all sorts of technological elements to manage their homes.   Automated lighting     This currently is the most popular and commonly used smart-home element. Gone are the days when the last person to bed had to worry about switching off the …

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