What Luxury means to Isprava


In general terms, we would define luxury as drama and bold elements, along with utmost comfort. At Isprava, however, our definition of it is far deeper than that. For us, luxury is grandeur, yes, but it is also convenience, simplicity, and sustainability. Here, we regard eco-friendly and sustainable features as extremely important. We also consider them as our contribution to nature, which is what inspires the simple yet sophisticated aesthetic of our luxury villas in Goa and villas in Coonoor. With this approach to our luxury holiday homes across India, we also pave way for homeliness and warmth into them.



Our villas in Goa for sale and rent are all designed and built on locations that draw inspiration from the nature that surrounds it, and that is one prominent feature that we consider as luxury. For us, luxury is being able to be close to the nature and experience its beauty in the rawest form. All our homes borrow immense value from the natural masterpieces around them, along with the many tourist attractions that are easily accessible from there.



Our eco-friendly approach in our houses is also what we consider as luxury in the truest sense. We cater to water reservation by installing irrigation systems and water harvesting at our homes, along with encouraging our guests to adhere to certain water saving practices. In addition to this, we make sure a major part of the materials used to build our homes are naturally sourced. In retrospect, reservation of the nature, our guests’ exposure to it and the features that the destination has to offer, our grand amenities, along with the fine blend of heritage and modern aesthetics is what we call luxury here.



It is beyond just design and grandiose facilities, and we are perpetually on a mission to deliver just that to our clients.