How company culture is shaping the youth


The generation today doesn’t settle. They crave for professional satisfaction just as much as they seek financial satisfaction. The same suggests that they want a workplace where they can be truly productive, grow in the direction they aspire and learn while also feeling like they belong there. Given that, company culture plays a major role here.

It’s simple. To keep a business sustainable and for employees to be a part of it with pure will is more or less based on the overall personality of the company. The work environment, the company values, ethics, its vision and its impression on prospective employees, clients and the market. That’s exactly what today’s youth look for in a workplace other than basic attributes like the pay, job role and more.

It’s necessary for them to be able to enjoy the work, fit with the company’s values and visions while eventually being willing to adopt them. The sense of belongingness in a company, with the co-workers, the seniors and of course, the company culture in retrospect is developed by the vibe. Employees today crave a workplace where the vibrations are uplifting, the one that motivates them to work towards the company’s goals as well as their personal goals together. When a company’s culture is dynamic and employee friendly, the productivity and the output take visible shifts. It builds a tight knit professional rapport within the team, which then also reflects in the company’s success.

We, at Isprava keep striving towards building that favourable culture. We are constantly brimming with energy that goes hand-in-hand with the bond amongst the employees. There’s friendship and there’s an open mind to learning from one another. People are driven with a purpose beyond the role that they play. There’s ownership in everything that we do here. As a company, we have certain values that are imbibed in every individual who joins us. We believe the company culture should mimic the culture of one’s home to some extent if success and professional satisfaction is the end goal.