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An ideal getaway with your partner

  The contemporary lifestyle and daily hustle makes it quite tricky to take out some time to rest and recharge. This makes it all the more difficult to find time to be spent with your significant other. However, long weekend plans and romantic weekend getaways with your beloved can be a conducive option. It is an ideal opportunity to simply unwind and spend some quality time with your partner. Breaks like these are imperative in keeping not only your mental health but also your physical and emotional well-being stable. This is how an ideal holiday with your partner looks like …

Albany Cottage - Private villa in Coonoor, Ooty

Renting holiday homes for beginners

  There has been an incredible surge in the business of luxury holiday homes for rent in India. People are slowly realizing the many advantages that holiday homes have over hotels. Earlier, when there were less number of private rental abodes with minimal features, hotels were the only accommodation options for long weekend plans. Today, on the other hand, there are many luxury private villas to choose from, each offering distinct amenities along with independence and versatility that hotels may not be able to offer. Now with this flourishing rental business, more and more vacationers are opting for them, which …

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