Window trends of the year


Just like everything in the design industry, windows also have their own trends every year. From colour and design to the placement and size, every little change and element makes quite a difference. We believe there is a considerable effect on the ambiance of the room, based on the kind of windows you choose, since it affects a lot of other features like the light, illusion of space, the desired look, and more. Having designed and built private villas in Goa for rent and sale and villas for rent in Ooty, we have comprehensive understanding of these little features that join together to make a home. On that basis, here we render the top window trends of the year to ameliorate the ambiance of your abode.





This year, bold is big, and so is black. Bringing in a contemporary touch to a space, matte black window frames are the latest entrant to window trends. With the right wall colour, curtains, and other elements complementing these black window frames, you could create variants of moods in a room.


Floor to Ceiling



Have windows encompassing the entire area between the floor to the ceiling for a classic and dynamic effect. This window trend has been a timeless one; install architectural features around to further enhance its impact.


Organic window treatments



Sustainability is something we abide by in all our luxury holiday homes, and naturally, it’s also something we promote and encourage everyone to do. One of the trends this year is also natural and organic window treatments. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to bring about newness while also adding a rich texture to the windows; using bamboo, woven wood, etc. can give you that rustic yet modern look.


Big windows



Large windows that also invite in natural light and fresh air are some great options for the contemporary house. Big windows also have the advantage of making the home look bigger and spacious.

If you’re looking for a subtle renovation or windows for your new home, these trends of the year should give you a direction.


Picture Courtesy: Shutterstock, Builder Magazine, HomeEdit, My Ideal Home and Necklace Residence