10 essentials to look for in a holiday home


The recent times have seen a major shift in trends of holiday homes. Travellers now prefer the space and privacy of a luxury holiday home over the constraining 4 walls of a hotel room. We have prepared a list of essentials that you must look for when buying or renting a private villa. At Isprava’s luxury villas in Goa and Coonoor, we make sure to provide you with the best quality services, curated specially for you.


1. Swimming Pool



The word ‘swimming pool’ has almost become a synonym to holidaying. The first thing that every traveller seeks is a deep dive in the cool blues. However, having a luscious rectangular pool does not cut the deal. One must focus on the hygiene and cleanliness of the pool. Fortunately, Isprava’s villas with a swimming pool in Goa are regularly cleaned and well maintained by our property management team. Here, you can simply lay back and relax in the laundered waters. The pools enjoy the company of green spacious lawns wholesome verandas.


2. Pet Friendly



Leaving your pets behind for work is disheartening enough, to leave them behind while holidaying too. The constant worry of them eating right and receiving the right amount of attention barely lets one enjoy their holiday. You can simply put an end to all of this by renting out a pet friendly home. Isprava’s private villas for rent in Goa are now pet friendly. They are spacious and safe for your pets to freely play around.  We also look after their needs and requirements of food and necessities.


3. Reward Loyalty



Have you ever rented a holiday home so fine that you almost wished you owned it? It is only natural to want to visit that place over and over again. And, there is no better deal than when your loyalty is rewarded. Receiving an added bonus to return to your most favourite escape place is what one must aim for. At Isprava Stays, we reward the loyalty of our repeat customers. We offer special discounts or personalised services all our homecoming customers.


4. Comfort



Although holidaying miles away from your home, a heart still seeks its comfort. It is important to make sure that your holiday homes withholds all the necessities from daily toiletries to a stocked up pantry and from soft sink in mattresses to the right room temperature controls. In Isprava’s luxury estates and villas in Goa and Coonoor, the bed sheets and pillow covers in the bedroom are double mercerized sheets and the satin pillow covers have a 300 thread count. The zero twist towels, made exclusively for Isprava, offer an elegant and unbeatable soft quality. The crockery in the dining room is made of the finest bone china. The comforts provided by an Isprava home are an experience you will never forget – neat and clean.


5. Location and Accessibility



The key for an ideal stay is its location and accessibility. The location must not only be easily accessible, but must also have be near favorable spots like medical stores, groceries, restaurants, etc. An Isprava home is located at minutes’ drive distance from popular beaches, restaurants, golf clubs and so on.


6. Concierge



Staff and services, one point of contact, Isprava’s GRM come in handy when you rent an Isprava home. The presence of a sharp and alert concierge turns an anonymous holiday experience into a convenient and homely one. Isprava’s luxury Villas in Goa and Coonoor are looked after by its welcoming Guest Relationship managers. These staff members are your go to one point contact for any solution. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, our concierge looks after all your requirements, from stocking up the pantry to swimming pool accessories and from booking your travel rides to booking your date night at restaurants.


7. Privacy



It may be difficult to find privacy among the hotel room staff and other guests. However, a holiday home provides you with the right amount of privacy to lay hidden from the outside world. Isprava’s bungalows for rent in Goa and Coonoor are located in a peaceful environment. The concierge too is available as per our guests’ convenience in order to provide utmost privacy and assistance.


8. Interiors and Decor



An Isprava home is aesthetically pleasing. Our interiors are alluring to the eyes and our décor is diligently crafted. Our homes enunciate legacy and heritage. The designs of our interiors will make you escape to little Portuguese huts and French cottages.


9. Amenities



Availability of the right form of amenities is a crucial part of ones’ holiday.  Amenities should not be restricted to the basics of television sets and hot tubs. Isprava caters to a wide range of entertainment to fun-fill one’s stay with. We provide our guests with all the essential electronics, games, and accessories. An Isprava, guests enjoys the customized benefits of Netflix, Amazon Prime, barbeque by the pool, bartenders, chefs, yoga classes and so on.


10. The ‘X’ Factor



The most essential part to look for while choosing your vacation home is the ‘X’ factor it holds. The X factor is the differentiating point between the best luxury holiday home and just any holiday home.  An Isprava home stay aims at curating the most personalized and suitable stay for its guests by combining all the above mention points in their best version. Isprava orchestrates the perfect holiday for you wrapped around in luxury.