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Gone are the days when leisure was available at an arm’s distance. With the increasing pressure and work-load, individuals find it extremely difficult to make time for any leisure at all. The 9-5 jobs have further led to 5-9 work at home as the working class finds it rather difficult to disconnect from work. In the race to be ahead of time and everybody else, the working class is drowned in timelines, stress, anxiety and hassle. This leaves them with no time to go on exotic breaks and holidays until they realise their work efficiency is deteriorating.


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Forget going on a long international vacation, planning one is also a farfetched thought.  And a hammered night at a bar does not seem to cut the deal either. However, recently a lot of working individuals have been resorting to quick weekend getaways or short respites at nearby locations. This allows them to grab a mini-vacation to refresh and rejuvenate them.


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So what is a staycation? A staycation is essentially enjoying some downtime in one’s home country, usually at a home that is at a driving distance from one’s residential space. It is a portmanteau of “stay” and “vacation”. It is a quick break to relax and indulge in leisure activities at a place relatively close to home.  The term was first used in 2003 in an article by Terry Massey in The Sun News.


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A staycation has many benefits attached to it. The very first being how economical it is. A staycation is not necessarily expensive, however, it does depend on an individual’s personal preferences. While on a staycation, one does not have to spend much on travel, local meals, local trips, etc. the cost is minimal. They also avoid all stress associated with travel like jet lag, packing or long travel period. Staycations also help save time. A lot of planning and effort does not have to be put into organising a staycation. It is quick, easy and feasible to plan a staycation. The most important benefit that a staycation provides is the ease and relaxation. A brief break from work and the city’s hustle-bustle is all one needs to rejuvenate.


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Staycations allow you to discover localities within the boundary. They encourage you to be lazy and relaxed and grab a quick respite. Staycations are growing extremely popular amongst the working class who does not seem to have the time to plan a long vacation. It also allows families and friends to spend some quality time together with utmost privacy and closeness. Isprava’s holiday villas for rent in Goa and villas for rent in Coonoor host the most perfect staycations. Isprava’s luxury holiday homes have all the expertise that is required to enjoy a blissful and stress-relieving staycation.