Isprava turns 6

Luxurious Dining table


Six things you did not know about Isprava homes

As Isprava turns six, we take you through the six things you could not possibly know about Isprava homes.

Holiday homes by Isprava

It has been six years! Six years filled with dreams, hope and hard work. At Isprava, we have always aimed at making our homes stand a cut above. We do this by constantly focusing on the tinier details in all that we do. This is us spilling the beans on six things you did not know about Isprava homes:

1) At nearly every Isprava home, you will find striking antiques and artefacts that we source from different corners of the world.

2) All of our homes have deep ties with nature. From villas that dip and curve with the shape of the hills they are located at, to spaces that invite the beauty of nature to spill indoors, Isprava homes is where nature unites with man.

3) Isprava’s gorgeous Gleneagle Estate, Kotagiri, features bay windows in every bedroom, just so that you can enjoy a dreamy moment spent taking in the lush greens.

4) We understand the importance of water conservation. Hence, we have incorporated water harvesting in our homes. Through this, we collect, store and reuse water more efficiently.

5) Our expert concierge service can arrange for everything, from personal chefs and indulgent massages to yacht rides and extra pool toys for the kids.

6) All our homes feature customised floor tiles to blend in with the aesthetics of the space. That’s the Isprava promise – flawless attention to detail.


Six of Isprava’s favourite space enhancing secrets

Think you can’t jazz up a smaller space? Think again. We at Isprava, are giving you the inside scoop on six super smooth ways in which you can enhance smaller spaces.

Cozy Bedroom

Whether its cozy bedrooms or compact kitchens, there are many ways by which you can make such spaces appear larger. We are letting you in on six of our secret hacks.

1) Choose a solid colour palette

While you may feel the urge to go all out and splash gorgeous colours on the walls, we suggest opting for a unified colour theme. Softer shades like shell pink or ivory reduce visual disturbances and create the impression of a cleaner, brighter and wider space.

2) Glass should be your go-to

Glass or mirrored accents work wonders in making a room feel larger than it is. This is due to the glass or mirror’s reflective properties. Mount mirrors on the walls or bring in glass-topped tables to create the illusion of a larger space.

3) Windows are wonderful

When a room is flooded with natural light, it seems to look more spacious. Regardless of whether the room is done up in darker shades or a more neutral palette, light lifts up the space instantly. So, tone down any window treatments that obstruct light and add in as many windows as you can.

4) Functional furniture

When you go furniture shopping, look for pieces that double up as storage units. That way, you are saving up on storage space and leaving behind more room to breathe. Think folding tables, Murphy beds and stowaway stools.

5) Don’t be walled in

Walls obstruct light and take up space. Consider ‘door-less’ doorways or half-walls, which can be used to mount a television screen or quirky picture frames.

6) Befriend large format tiles

Watch a tiny space magically seem larger with the installation of large format tiles. Whether it is floor tiles or wall tiles, larger ones not only add depth to a room but also make the space look cleaner and more impactful once you enter.


Six things that keep us going back to Alibaug

Serene beaches. Quiet forts. Sparkling waters. With all of this and so much more to offer, falling in love with Alibaug is an absolute breeze.

Beautiful beach in Alibaug

One of the most popular spots for a weekend getaway, Alibaug is much more than a sleepy little coastal town. Friendly locals and peaceful environs aside, this gem of a town is often referred to as the ‘Hamptons’ of Mumbai! Here are the six things that keep us going back to Alibaug:

1) Be it Raigad Bazaar, famous for its Kolhapuri chappals or Malva Road, which offers a stunning selection of antique clocks, there are plenty of places here that will find a spot in even the most discerning shoppers’ hearts.

2) We would visit Alibaug a thousand times over if it means stopping by Hotel Sanman for their signature fish thali. This simple restaurant serves authentic Maharashtrian coastal fare that is worth multiple visits.

3) What is Alibaug without its many beaches? We would give anything to be kicking back at Akshi Beach, spotting seagulls in the air. Kasim Beach, which is more peaceful, is also wonderful to unwind with friends, or enjoy the beauty of nature by yourself.

4) What we also love about Alibaug are its cultural experiences. Its temples are steeped in history, right from the Siddheshwar temple to the Kanakeshwar temple. If you are a history buff, you will understand why the presence of temples here acts as a big pull.

5) Alibaug’s art scene is another reason why we love coming back. This town has private museums and is home to several artists, who are constantly putting up interesting exhibitions and conducting fun workshops.

6) Once you tire of enjoying a more leisurely lifestyle here, you can always get up to a spot of adventure. From scuba diving at Murud Janjira to dolphin spotting at Mandwa Beach, there is lots to do.


Fit and flourishing!

Her passion beats to the drums of fitness and foods that promise easy nourishment along with great flavour, Seema Jindal Jajodia, founder of Nourish Organics, is an adventurous go-getter in all realms of her life. She not only contributes to Isprava’s delicious bespoke in-villa breakfasts, but also gives us the low-down on what keeps her ticking, travelling and exploring new trends in living a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Seema Jindal Jajodia, founder of Nourish Organics


1) Since we are celebrating Isprava’s six year anniversary, why don’t you tell us six healthy habits that completely changed your life?

The 6 healthiest habits that are integral to me are:

  1. Getting 7-8 hours of good sleep.
    Sleeping is as important as eating and exercising for a truly fit body & mind. It’s important to create a bedtime routine that includes going off all electronic gadgets at least half an hour before sleeping & washing your feet and face, if not hopping into a full warm bath. These are some of the simplest, yet most essential aspects of my bedtime rituals.
  1. Starting the morning on a positive note with a prayer and simple meditation practice.
    I have a special corner in my room, which holds all my spiritual literature like The Bhagvad Gita, for example. I am not religious at all anymore, but I do believe in a higher power that is above any religion. Being grateful & incorporating a peaceful, meditative morning routine is really the key to experiencing a perfect day. For me, yoga and pranayama every day in my special corner helps me achieve this.
  1. Sitting and drinking 5-6 glasses of warm water early morning gives a boost to the metabolism.
    Moreover, our body gets extremely dehydrated through the night and therefore, to freshen up faster & feel more energy through the day, it’s important to drink plenty of water as soon as you wake up.
  1. Getting out in nature.
    Whether it’s a hike, walk, run, or even early morning cycling when the air is crisp & clean – being in nature always fills me with a lot of gratitude for the sun and the gentle breeze. An attitude of gratitude is a must for all wellness.
  1. Surrounding myself with friends I wish to be like – healthy, fit and positive-minded.
    It’s important to surround yourself with people who inspire you. We will eventually become like the people we hang out with.
  1. Maintaining my kitchen as a friendly and inviting space.
    It’s important to make your kitchen a comfort zone so that you can cook and choose healthy ingredients for your meals. One of the reasons why I prefer to holiday with Isprava is the access to a lovely kitchen. A breakfast cooked together with your loved ones adds another dimension to any holiday.


Could you let us in on the secrets behind the “go organic” trend? Also, how do you maintain a healthy diet while travelling?

Organic means clean, and its taken us a lot time and a lot of sickness to realize the benefits of eating clean. Therefore, eating pesticide-free, chemical-free & preservative-free is not a trend, but rather, a way of life for many of us. Goa is always on top of my list of travel destinations. Wherever I travel, I like to have access to a kitchen so I can stock up on a lot of fruits, vegetables, healthy cereals and eggs. Even while travelling, I put together at least two of my meals of the day. For the third meal, I choose to explore local specialties, which I enjoy completely guilt free.


What would you define as your quick escape? Is it a destination? A space in your home? A mindset? Or a new adventure?

My quick escape is my house in Rishikesh on the banks of the River Ganges. If I don’t have the time to travel though, my yoga mat and hammock on my lovely green terrace is all I require. I try to trek regularly to the mountains, as that is truly my pilgrimage.


Isprava and Seema have so much in common, especially the singular goal of living a fit and fulfilled life. As we turn six, what advice would you give to our readers to do the same?

In the pursuit of inspiring others to also live a fit and fulfilled life, I recommend that we ask ourselves the very essential question, “WHY?”
“Why do I want to get healthy?”
“Why do I want to feel good and positive?”
“Why is it important for me to keep my weight under check?”
“Why should I have higher goals than purely financial ones?”
If we are able to give honest answers to all these questions then our goal and our path becomes clear and acceptable to us. This empowers us to alter or remove whatever might be coming in our way to achieving personal success.

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