The new vacation spot, second homes


The world is running a never-ending race. The run to be no. 1 has left people tied up in their busy work life and people are caught up amidst their mundane lives. Somewhere between the race and struggle, rest and well-being have become secondary to the human race. The working class is often tired, but has no time for a holiday in their busy schedule. A long or international vacation seems like a far-fetched thought to this kind. However, the case differs from those who own a second home. A second home is not only an asset, but also the new vacation spot. For those who are unable to plan an exotic holiday to a pristine destination but own a holiday home, acquire the leverage of grabbing quick and repetitive respite.



Trends show that second homes are the new vacation spot. Nowadays, people are taking a short but refreshing mini-vacation to their second homes, bought in different locations. For a working individual, it is now easier, viable and cost-effective to spend a weekend in his holiday home in a town like Lonavala, to rejuvenate oneself. The working class’s increasing quest for solitude and need to get away is the reason behind this trend. The lack of time and burden of work has clogged up their calendars. Hence, a quick rendezvous over the weekend, to one’s second home, at a place away from their residential address turns out to be an ideal break from their monotonous life.



Owning a second home now has one too many advantages. As mentioned earlier, it is not only looked at as an asset, but offers many more perks. To being with, it gives high yields in the long term from an investment perspective; the appreciating value of the property adds another feather to its cap. Coming to rentals, initially, second homes were either treated as farmhouses or visited once a year, hence, owners would put up these properties on lease causing a property block. With the concept of vacation – rentals and second homes being looked at as holiday homes, owners have started using their second homes for the latter purpose. They rent out these properties to travellers for a short stay, allowing them to be free as per the owner’s convenience. This leads to another two advantages being, first, the owner earns an extra income through these rentals and second that the owner can utilise the home to his own benefit for a quick and revitalizing getaway.



People no longer have to exhaust themselves to the last bit to go on a holiday. They need not wait to cumulate their paid holidays and plan a trip. They most definitely need not struggle between the hustle at work and bustle of the city life because of their tight working schedule. Second homes in fairly distant locations like the on the mountains or by the sea, with in the boundary lines provide individuals with the most rewarding mini-vacation. A small period spent away from the daily cycle of life helps to uplift and recharge the spirits. With the on-going and growing trend of vacation-rentals and staycations, now is the best time to invest in a luxury holiday home. Isprava specialises in the holiday homes market and offers the best value proposition. If you are looking to buy the best luxury villas in Goa or an independent house for sale in Coonoor then allow Isprava to simplify and carry out your purchase process. We offer the best services in the development and renting of holiday homes.