Isprava through the looking glass

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6 years have gone by, yet Isprava’s values and principles remain unchanged. It is one thing to run a successful company, however, it is a far greater achievement to run a successful company honestly, following the most transparent and clean principles. Today we talk about the values and morals that Isprava has been built on and will continue to cherish. At Isprava, we always do what is right, to gratify half of mankind and astound the other.

Transparency at Isprava


Happy employees


At Isprava, we encourage a transparent relationship amongst all employees. We believe that transparency must begin at the work space for it to be carried forward to our customers and elsewhere. We apply an open door system in our office where we have ditched all personal cabins. This system allows any employee, at any level to take up a concern, conversation or creative thought with any other employee. The relationship shared between the seniors and juniors is also free-flowing. We follow a flat structure to reduce friction. Every employee is encouraged to be honest and dedicated. The communication style followed by the company is also crisp and clear to avoid tangles. Employees are motivated to ask questions and ideas are welcomed with open arms. Seniors educate and involve juniors in important discussions, meetings and decisions to make sure clarity forms the basis of every process. In return, juniors question, study and learn furthermore to make sure every process or service is crystal clear.


Transparency with customers


Beautiful villa at night


It is of the utmost importance to us that our customers are always well-informed. We maintain maximal transparency with our customers. We carry out almost every process for them and are involved in every step. Hence, it becomes essential for us to keep our customers informed at every step. Every difficulty, complication or problem that may arise is communicated with the customer in the beginning and addressed in case of occurrence. Paperwork and other due diligence is looked into over and over again and decisions are carried forward with the consent of the customer. We also eliminate any chance of misconduct or deceit. An example of this is, how Isprava is against cash transactions. We accept or make financial transactions like the purchase of a villa for sale in Goa, only via bank transaction or online payments. Finally, we function with integrity in our all our dealings, whether complying with all paperwork and regulations or operating with consideration for the community.


Transparency in our design


A well-designed pool with close seating


Isprava does not only practice transparency in a personal and professional capacity, but also in its design. As mentioned earlier, the Isprava office has ditched the old school personal cabins and instead works on an open door system.  All employees, irrespective of where they come in the hierarchy, sit in the same space with no dividers. Tall blocks of pellucid glass stand as meeting room and cabin walls creating an open and welcoming atmosphere yet maintaining privacy.  Although every employee has a designated seat and desk, yet there stand no barricades dividing them.

Isprava is built on the principles of integrity, exclusivity and comfort. Although we have earned our identity through our unique designs and bespoke luxury holiday homes, it is the transparency in our intent and processes that have earned us the reputation of the most trusted brand in the luxury home segment. The looks of an Isprava’s luxury villa in Goa or luxury villa in Coonoor are aesthetically pleasing and the foundation they are laid on is nobility.