Isprava, so professional yet so personal


Traditionally, the words professional and personal were almost seen as antonyms. In a work environment, one had to set aside their personal ways of being from avoiding them to come between their professional choices. Mixing professionalism and personal aspects was not considered the most ideal situation. To be professional means to be efficient, practical, sharp, clear-headed, etc. While being professional, you cannot let your emotions cloud your judgement or decisions. Being personal, on the other hand involves the use of emotions. Emotions play a big role in the decision-making and processes of the individual and firm.



At Isprava, we have found the right balance between both. We believe in providing our customers with the most professional services, with our very own personal touch. Isprava functions on the efficiency of its team. We provide our customers with seamless purchase experience, design and construction, property management and vacation rental services. The purchasing and owning of a home can quickly turn from thrill to trouble. This is where Isprava comes to the rescue of its customers. Isprava is well-versed with the formalities and processes involved in the purchase and construction of a home.



Over time we have recognised the pain points that our customers face and found remedies to them. Our team carries out the complicated processes on behalf of our customers and help them save time. We bring in the personal factors by putting the extra effort of finding the best of solutions for our customers. Isprava’s signature aesthetics and vision combined with the homeowners choice and preferences helps build bespoke luxury holiday homes. We also understand how painstaking it could get to maintain private villas in Goa, private villas in Alibaug and luxury villas in Coonoor. Hence, we provide our customers with property management services to maintain their homes with a personal touch.



Isprava maintains a life-long relationship with its homeowners, where they are not only our customers but, are welcomed as a part of the team and the Isprava family.