Your Home represents You!


Homes often reflect the people that live in them. From the colour palette to the upholstery, furniture to the technical appliances, everything brings out the essence of the people living there. So while building your home you must be aware that it is not only your charm or aura that adds a personal touch to your home, but in fact everything and anything about it. Your home is an expression of you, and it enunciates your lifestyle, personality and ways of being. Here is a list of all the essential elements that help store little pieces of you in your home.





The colour palette used in and around you resembles your state of mind and the ambience you like to be in. People are that outgoing often go for bolder and bigger patterns with throws and pops of shades on their walls and flooring. People who are simple and restful run light shades like cream, off-white and coffee. People who like things smooth, subtle and elegant often go for pastel shades and combine it with textures of block colours. People with louder energy go for dark shades like red, black and blue.





The accessories you add to your home also help bring out the you, in the home. Things like photo frames, books, paintings, display of achievements like trophies, etc. hint out at a person that is proud and confident. Somebody who loves the outdoors will fill their interiors up with a lot of planters and flowers. People who love snuggling up will always have a lot of rugs, comforters and fluffy pillows spread across the home.





People who love travelling and exploring the world tend to bring back souvenirs or memories in material form for keepsake. These souvenirs can then become a display of their lifestyle. Shells from a beach, magnet stickers for the fridge, straw hats from the countryside, beanies from a cold vacation, all of these add up to becoming great home decors.





The furniture at home also resembles the personality of the owner. People that are extremely practical and thorough will always have a lot of space-saving or multi-purpose furniture like beds with storage space, sofa cum beds, foldable tables and chairs etc. People with the taste for richness and lux will have furniture from centuries ago, brought down from palaces, old homes, etc. People that are tech-savvy will have homes equipped with all the advanced technological appliances like censored lighting, remote-controlled units, etc.

At Isprava, we truly believe that your home reflects your personality. This is why all of Isprava’s luxury villas in Goa and luxury villas in Coonoor are unique as they resemble the personality and likes of every homeowner. No two homes are the same and all of them hold the charm of their homeowners.