Customer: Focal point of all Businesses

Customer is King


Customers are the focal point of all businesses. “Customer is King” is an age-old business mantra accentuating the importance of customers (and would-be customers) in every business. For a business to grow successfully, it is of utmost importance that the needs of the customers are taken care of. Doing business is not only about production and selling, but also about customer satisfaction. A business entity must identify and understand what a customer wants to create and modify its business around that.


Best services for our Clients


At Isprava, a value followed by the entire team is “Our customer is King” Every customer is an integral part of an Isprava story and continues to be so. Going above and beyond their expectations is what we believe inculcates trust in us and ensures their loyalty in us. We shape our services and products as per our customers’ desires. We also identify our customers’ pain points, to take them away. We believe in not selling to our customers but instead, adding value to them. We make conscious efforts to help them save time or make time, just like we help them either save money or earn an extra source of income.


Perfect place for staying with amenities


Isprava stays with you from the beginning to beyond the end. We help our customers get a break from the cookie-cutter homes. We cater to the needs of people who have loose money to spare and are looking to invest it in a beautified and outspoken home. We do not only build a home for our customers, but execute every step involved, from the purchase until after the delivery of the home. Everything from locating the perfect spot for a private villa in Goa or luxury villa in Coonoor to acquiring the land and due diligence, to building the finest homes and providing even the most basic services of a plumber or gardener, Isprava executes all of these functions for its customers. The only thing for our customers to do is pack their bags and move right into their new home. By executing the purchase and development process we help our customers save time and make time. We also help them earn an extra source of income by our vacation rental services and save money by providing our property management services. We have also realised the difficulties involved in maintaining a holiday home and keeping it refreshingly new. Over time, all second homes turn old and rusted. Hence, through our Home Acquisition Services, we take over the management of the elite and luxe homes of our customers and refurbish them into aesthetically pleasing vacation rental homes. We not only maintain these homes all year around, but also lease them out to our rental guests. This also helps our home acquisitions partners to earn an extra income. It kills all their pain points and frees them from the constant stress of property management and save time.



Beautiful view with amazing services


Our rental customer is another set we love to adore. Isprava has a wide range of bespoke homes and luxury villas for rent in Goa, Coonoor, Alibaug, Lonavala, Khandala and other pristine destinations for our customers to choose from. We do not only provide them with a space to stay, but instead curate an entire experience of luxe, pleasure and refreshment. From making restaurant reservations, to in house chefs cooking delicious meals, from organising yoga classes in the backyard, to organising blissful retreats, from board games to swimming pool accessories, an Isprava luxury holiday home is equipped with it all.


A peaceful time besides the pool


At Isprava, we understand that buying a home involves many considerations. Whether it is a retirement retreat, a holiday escape or a home away from home, it needs to be an exclusive, unique and secure purchase. A valued investment that is equipped with the best-in-class facilities, amenities and services. Cushioned with heartfelt hospitality. Timeless and bespoke in style and aesthetic. A place you can call your own. At Isprava, we strive to embrace the highest benchmarks to deliver all this and more. Isprava provides its customers with the best that luxury can offer. Our customer is our King and we love to wrap them in luxury and adorn them with pampering.

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