Top 3 design trends for 2020


Forget crystal balls and tea leaves! Here’s what the experts have to say about the top three home design trends for the new decade.

As we prepare to swing into the New Year, we can’t help but look at what’s in store for home design in 2020. What are the biggest trends to expect? What’s ‘in’? We did our research to give you intel on the three biggest home design trends for 2020, so that you can get a jump start at revamping your home.


Earthy tones


Everyone everywhere is embracing all things earthy! Think of it as an ode to nature and an effort to bring elements of the outdoors, indoors. Tones such as olive green, muted brown, burgundy and ochre yellow are going to be ruling the design scene this New Year, be it through furniture, upholstery or even the colour of the walls. Isprava’s luxury holiday homes showcase simplicity and elegance through stokes of these earthy tones.


European-inspired furniture


Cozy rooms


This trend is slated to be huge in 2020! Expect to spot furniture pieces echoing Italian or even German design styles. This could be witnessed in the form of sloping arm-rests, metal legs and refined silhouettes, capped with an air of understated luxury. You will find a hint of these design styles in a lot of private villas in Coonoor.


Real Plants


Villa Bella Piante, Goa


Forget about those fake plants in pretty-looking pots that sit in a corner of the house and end up becoming dust-catchers. This time, it’s all about real, dense greens. This design trend involves bringing home real plants, creating a living wall complete with different kinds of greens or adding tiny potted plants to occasional tables in the house, to establish a strong connection with nature. This makes the spaces more refreshing and colourful. For nature lovers, this allows you to bring the outdoors, indoor and be one with nature. Isprava’s villas for sale in Goa and luxury villas for sale in Coonoor bring out the best of nature and greens with its ever-increasing green count.