Shades of Winter

Beautiful homes by Isprava


It’s time to pull out your sweaters, set up the Christmas tree and snuggle in your cosy blankets. Winter is here and we are all ready to show off its shades. Winter season is filled with mixed emotions of cosiness, gloominess, cheers and laughter and celebration. These winter emotions bring out the winter shades from the walls of the homes to the colours of your sweater. Here is a list of the trending shades this winter. Isprava’s luxury holiday homes showcase these beautiful shades.



Gray walls


This colour depicts the moody and dull shade of the winter when people often feel dull and lazy. However, this colour also stands for elegance and steadiness, like something concrete. Grey walls, grey pants and matte grey nail polish is just the perfect go to to flaunt everything elegant.



Everything red


Winter means Christmas time and Christmas means all things red! Whether it’s the dress you are wearing at a party or the rug you are setting up in the living room, it has to be red.

Crème de Pêche


Soothing Ambiennce


This colour oozes out softness and ease, just like Isprava’s private villas in Goa. It reflects simplicity and comfort. This colour on the walls of your homes will bring about a soothing ambience. Throw in some pops of pink, green or red to add some elements of fun.

Peach Pink


Warm and flattering Peach pink


Warm and flattering, Peach Pink imparts a healthy glow. Like the cheeks of a little girl on a winter evening, this shade of pink is sure to catch everyone’s eye. Throw blankets and pillows all around your house of this colour all around your house. Place some fine China on the dining table or put on a peach pink, all of it is sure to radiate.



Eden-stately forest green


Eden is a stately forest green that plays on tradition. Add a refreshing and moisturising touch to the chilly winter with the help of this shade. Place Eden coloured planters in your home to bring the outside, inside just like Isprava’s private luxury villas in Goa. Add bold patterns of this shade to the tiles of your floor to add drama to the room.