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Things to Do in Goa to experience the ‘Tourist Life’

  While it is good to visit a place for the sole purpose of relaxation or to pursue a healthy change of location once in a while it is also recommended to explore a destination with a tourist’s curiosity and eyes, for it lends a different joy all together. Now, when it comes to Goa, it is a favourable location for romantic weekend getaways and long weekend plans with peers, which may make it a land fully explored for you. But there are chances that you may have explored the unexplored and missed the peculiar Goan life in the process. …

Villa Alenteho

5 ways to bring in good vibes in your home

  Your home is a reflection of what you are, yes. But it can also work the other way around. Once you make a house your home, it begins affecting your mood and temperament. There are a lot of abodes that are designed with an expert design and immaculate techniques but lack that vibrancy and positivity. And that usually is because of the lack of these little details that bring in good energy in a space. Our luxury villas for sale and rent in Goa and properties for sale in Nilgiris are all designed with professionalism and supreme aesthetics. But …

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