Investing in luxury real estate


The luxury real estate market has been booming. The market has been showing steady growth and good returns. The luxury segment is doing quite well despite the current situation of the real estate sector. This has led to an increase in investment in the luxury segment of the real estate market.



How do you classify a property as a ‘luxury property’?

A simple high price tag does not add up to a luxurious property. There are various differentiating characteristics of a luxury home. A luxury property is all about unique designs and world-class amenities. It is the exclusivity and privacy that it offers that sets it apart from other residential homes. They are often designed by elite and international designers. The property is technologically up to date and often offers additional facilities like gyms, spas, home theaters, etc. Isprava’s villas for sale in Goa and villa in Coonoor are full equipped with opulent amenities.



Luxury Segment

After a slow yet steady few seasons, the luxury segment has finally started growing at an increasing speed. Due to the current turmoil that the real estate sector is facing, there is a huge pile-up of inventory and fluctuation in prices. This is perceived as an added advantage by the HNI’s. With an increase in their disposable income and want for exclusivity and privacy, these individuals have started upon looking into investing in luxury properties. In anticipation of the prices to go up furthermore, luxury properties are looking like an ideal investment. NRI’s too are contributing to the growth of this segment in India. The value of the Rupee has fallen, this has provided the NRI’s with a great incentive to invest in these properties. The large pile-up of inventory has in return provided them with a large variety to choose from. NRI’s usually like to invest in their hometowns or places they have grown up in and associate with. However, trends show that individuals are now also willing to invest in a pristine destination to build luxury holiday homes. The government’s measures to add regime and discipline in the real estate sector have also re-instilled people’s faith in the market, kick-starting purchase in the market. Apart from this, builders too are taking innovation and creative steps to increase the sale of their luxury inventory. Apart from providing top-notch amenities and bespoke designs, builders are also offering various other services.



At Isprava too, we apply the best of methods and offer the best of services to provide not only a luxury home, but also a hassle-free purchase and construction of a luxury villa for sale in Goa and luxury villa for sale in Coonoor. We offer our customers the luxury of time, in addition to everything else. We identify their pain points, e.g. paperwork, due diligence or maintenance of the property. We then take away these pain points from our customers by carrying and taking care of these processes ourselves.



Benefits of investing in the luxury market

Investing in a luxury market offers a lot of benefits, both in monetary and non-monetary terms. The luxury segment provides the owner with extremely high returns as only the elite and affluent are associated with its affordability. For a rental perspective too, these properties attract high rates and earn their owner good yields. In non-monetary terms, the homes provide exclusivity and privacy. Features like being placed on higher floors, soundproof interiors and picturesque views allow the people to disconnect from the hustle-bustle of the chaotic outdoors.