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Tile Style with Isprava

Tile Style with Isprava

We have to confess, we have this “thing” with floors. Especially when they are beautifully tiled by the 100-year old legends in the industry— Bharat Tiles

What began from the ramblings about economic freedom today is a 100-year old company that reigns supreme in the world of floorings. Bharat Tiles legacy is rich, and its creations, timeless. It all started in 1922 when Jamshed Nusserwanji Mehta quipped “India needs economic independence, not just political independence. With this, he inspired a young Pheroze Sidhwa to leave his studies and start a tile company, in partnership with nephew Rustom Sidhwa. Brought to life in the family’s shed in Mora, Uran, the company with its patriotic ‘swadeshi’ name made its mark with the belief that, to evolve as a nation, India had to innovate and become self-sufficient. And so it did. Back then, each cement tile was handcrafted from the finest, carefully selected ingredients, aesthetically blended to create a high-quality tile of rich, glowing colours. The founders travelled across Europe and USA and brought back with them the finest elements of this art form to India. They created fresh designs and modified processes to uniquely suit Indian tastes and conditions. Over the years, with its inimitable creations, the brand became an invaluable part of the country’s architectural heritage. From Sir Cowasji Jehangir’s home in Mumbai, the very first client of Bharat Tiles, to the palaces of maharajas, the tiles were used even in the universities and public buildings from the time when the British were in power. In 1999, as a contribution to the heritage conservation movement, Bharat Tiles restored its original moulds and processes, and introduced its original and expanded range of carpet pattern tiles under the trade name Heritage Tiles. These have been much acclaimed by architects, interior designers and even UNESCO. Ultimately, Bharat Tiles have been the preferred choice, over other brands and imported tiles—and over the years, with its exciting new range of designs, colours, both classic and contemporary, it still is, even today.

Every floor that Bharat Tiles envisions and designs is not just about another home, institution or space. It’s about a constant search for beauty, grace, meaning and idea. An idea with modern sensibilities depicted though colours and lines. In light of its drive and inspiration, the brand’s BFT+ range, a collaboration with young and visionary designers, is something that enthralled us at Isprava. Each BFT Heritage tile is designed in such a way that it can create multiple permutations and combinations hence each floor is different from another. A client can select up to 30 colours from BFTs colour palette. We also took advantage of its New Tile Design service—an innovative offering for customers to be able to design their own tiles. In this service, customers can provide pictures or drawings of their designs and these are converted through the brand’s processes into the actual tile. Customising the floors of our villas seemed like the obvious thing to do. And so we did. From Villa Branco, Villa Azul, Villa Verde, Cecelia and more—all flaunt beautiful, customised tiles crafted by Bharat Tiles.

Taking the phrase “handcrafted in India” to the next level, Bharat Tiles takes great care in every piece they create. The patterns in the tiles are not printed or painted. Instead, coloured cement materials are hand-poured into divider moulds to create unique designs. These form a layer, almost 10 to 15mm thick, ensuring that the patterns stand the test of time. “There are many buildings where our tiles have been laid 80 or 90 years back, and are still very beautiful”, quips a Bharat Tiles team member. With a focus on custom design, the company creates stunning floors to suit eclectic tastes. “In our experience, quality and integrity have always been greatly complemented by imagination and innovation.” This resonates with the Isprava philosophy as well. It’s no surprise then that we too choose Bharat Tiles to deck our homes with its indelible charm and craft.

From its BFT by KONA range of elongated hexagonal tiles (KONA is the Sanskrit word for corners and angles) to the Made in India Range which was inspired by India’s diversity, heritage, culture and art. From the brand’s most popular Terrazzo range which is made by mixing marble, granite, quartz or glass chips into a cement binder, to its Art Deco range that has decked the many Deco cinemas and building along the Oval, Marine Drive, Cumballa Hill and Malabar Hills— Bharat Tiles continues to make its mark with Isprava.

“in our experience, qualiTy and inTegriTy have alWays been greaTly complemenTed by imaginaTion and innovaTion.”

Ask them about how we must maintain their beautiful works of art, and these are the tips they give us:

Avoid using harsh chemicals like phenyl, use plain water instead. Most importantly, change the water often during the mopping process. This will keep the tiles clean and will ensure your tiles gleam more and more over the years. If you like, you may buy Bharat Tile’s soap solution and use a small capful in each bucket of water. A small bottle should last you long enough.
And just like that, we fall in love with floors, all over again.

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