Isprava luxury homes for sale in ALIBAUG!

Always and Forever

At Isprava, we have a deep rooted appreciation for legacy. and that’s why we do things like have time capsules and home books waiting for our home owners

While we love modern nuances and are a very 21st century crowd, Isprava homes are a symbol of heritage and tradition. And this was very much intended. We want your home to have its own unique legacy, be an heirloom for future generations. We want to tell your story and eternalise it. keeping this in mind, came to life Isprava’s Time Capsule. To create your own unique heirloom, it
will contain a personalised note, photographs or anything special that you would like to share with your grandkids and great grandkids. It will be buried on your Isprava plot in a cement box with a plaque on top, so that your future generations can find it. Great way to go down in history, don’t you think so? What’s more, we want you to know the story of your home, before you make your own.

We want you to know what every corner speaks of. Why the herringbone floors were chosen for your bathroom or the wooden chandelier appointed on your ceiling. We take pride in the details that go into making your home truly unique, and would want you to know about them. As a collective, we decided to document these special things about your home “in the making”, and created Isprava’s home books. Each home will have a home book dedicated to it. Complete with details on location, architecture, interiors and hospitality services amongst other things, this home book is a special keepsake for you and your family.

We Want your home To have iTs oWn unique legacy, be an heirloom for fuTure generaTions.

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