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A Peek Inside Villa

It is Isprava’s first gated community—and definitely worth the visit

Number of workers needed to build the villa: 98 workers from 6 states

Number of trees planted in the villa:

~531including a variety of fruit trees

Borrowing charm, style and inspiration from Portuguese and old Goan villages, comes to life Igreha Villa—Isprava’s first gated community. Made up of 6 gorgeous villas, this community sits on a higher land, away from the main road, in a quaint and romantic setting, surrounded by trees on all four sides which offers privacy and stunning views. With the intention to inject a culture of interaction in the area, the Villa has one common parking lot and one central street, where the home entrances fall upon, dotted by lights. Each home’s backyard opens into a more private surrounding, shielded by visual barriers like tall bamboos, palms and plants between the homes. Here you will be enthralled by the endearing natural green surroundings as much as your beautiful home. Igreha Villa found its place in a quaint corner, around the rare green fields of Siolim in Bardez, North Goa—a resolutely Goan town that is one of the state’s largest villages. This untouched Goan town boasts of an inland location, away from the tourist frenzy, and is a great place to watch the world go by.

For this particular Villa, the team left no stone unturned, taking advantage of the natural surroundings as well as implementing their creative bent of mind to present something truly unique. “We have managed a univalence in each of the villas— interesting elements that have been repeated everywhere, still stand out unique in each home because of the aesthetic in which it has been incorporated”, comments Supriya, the lead architect.

“We have managed a univalence in each of The villas—inTeresTing elemenTs ThaT have been repeaTed everyWhere, sTill sTand ouT unique in each home because of The aesTheTic in Which iT has been incorporaTed”

Without disturbing the land’s topography, the Villa was adjusted to the natural shape of the earth, with minimal cutting and filling. Since the land is higher on a slope, the entrances of the villas are differently aligned—some of the entrances are on the ground floor, while others are found on the first floor. Designed by maintaining a fine balance between luxury, comfort, practical functionality and aesthetics, the villas unify contemporary style with classic design in perfect synchrony. They highlight Goan and Portuguese architectural elements like archways, mouldings, chajas and sills as well as modern glass roofs, garden balconies and beamless structures. All of this is complemented by abundance of natural light and air, big wide openings and cross ventilation.

The villas celebrate a dynamic layout where spaces flow into each other and visual contact and connections are made through an abundance of windows and bridges, which carry your sight from one end of the home to the other, up and down, right into the outdoors. All this adds a certain depth and expansiveness to the villas. Surpiya has gone on to blur the lines, and allow the indoors and outdoors to beautifully come together. Incorporated by large balconies, terrace gardens and stunning glass roofs, you do not feel confined when you are inside, instead you feel in unison with the outdoors.

The villas luxurious yet comfortable, classic yet modern aesthetic makes it truly stand apart, juxtaposed against gentle greenery, true to Siolim, that pervades beautifully across every space. They celebrate a timeless, neo-classical appeal with an understated luxury and a bright colour palette as well as a combination of plain surfaces and printed surfaces. From the exceptional curated pieces and artefacts, to the use of different textures across the home to the recyclable doors and diverse handcrafted floors—Igreha Villa makes an indelible impression right from first sight.

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