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We don’t just build beautiful houses. We craft homes that redefine luxury. Ones that are premium yet efficient. Comfortable yet elegant. Ones that showcase traditional techniques with a contemporary outlook. At Isprava, each holiday home is different from the other. Each home has its own unique story to tell. Here are a few good reads to give you more insight on luxury villas in Goa, architecture, interiors, beautifully designed bungalows and real estate markets.

Villa Alenteho

5 ways to bring in good vibes in your home

  Your home is a reflection of what you are, yes. But it can also work the other way around. Once you make a house your home, it begins affecting your mood and temperament. There are a lot of abodes that are designed with an expert design and immaculate techniques but lack that vibrancy and positivity. And that usually is because of the lack of these little details that bring in good energy in a space. Our luxury villas for sale and rent in Goa and properties for sale in Nilgiris are all designed with professionalism and supreme aesthetics. But …

Villa Alenteho

Tips to amp up your Master Bedroom

  Your master bedroom is your lair that you retire to at the end of the day. It is where you can unwind after a long day and rejuvenate for the next day. Given its importance, it is definitely the part of the house that needs that attention and hence, that design and décor. From quick décor hacks and design tricks to light fixtures and other elements, enhancing the ambience of your master bedroom is quite simple. And we say it is just as imperative. It is important to design your bedroom is ways that inspire and calm you at …

Choose the Right Carpet for Your Home

  To serve functional purposes or to simply bring out the character of a room, carpets are a boon in the interior décor industry. They serve as an important element in home décor with their texture, mood, and of course, the utilitarian advantages. Now, choosing the right carpet for your home can be tricky, considering that it is not only their appearance that has to be taken into account. To guide you through that for your home or your luxury private villa, we have doled out some factors to help you pick the right carpet.   Style The exterior surface …

Villa Branco - Buy Villa in Goa

Elements to incorporate into your house for a Goan ambience

  Brimming with heavy influences from other countries and communities, Goa is a massive cultural hub today. With Portuguese elements standing out quite prominently in every aspect of the coastal town, there are also fine traces of Mughal and of course, Indian elements in it. It tastes in the culinary flavours and in the way locals dress, dance, and celebrate. And it certainly reflects in their houses. Every native home boasts of exterior and interior that mimics the Portuguese. In a nutshell, if you are aiming for a Goan ambience in your abode, the trick is to incorporate Portuguese, European …

Art, sculptures and all things luxury

Art, sculptures and all things luxury

  Most just consider this part of interior design as an option or an afterthought. When in actuality, the inculcation of art should be regarded just as important as other décor elements. And it certainly is. While other elements bring a certain mood and definition to an indoor setting, including work of arts around the house brings all of that along with refinement, luxury, and character. At Isprava villas in Goa, Ooty, and Kotagiri, we make sure we use the enigmatic and emotive value of art pieces in them. And we encourage you to do the same. Here is how …

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