Elements to incorporate into your house for a Goan ambience

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Brimming with heavy influences from other countries and communities, Goa is a massive cultural hub today. With Portuguese elements standing out quite prominently in every aspect of the coastal town, there are also fine traces of Mughal and of course, Indian elements in it. It tastes in the culinary flavours and in the way locals dress, dance, and celebrate. And it certainly reflects in their houses. Every native home boasts of exterior and interior that mimics the Portuguese. In a nutshell, if you are aiming for a Goan ambience in your abode, the trick is to incorporate Portuguese, European base with an Indian traditional touch. At our villas for sale and rent in Goa, we do the same, and here is how you can, too!


Cane and Wood

Furnishings that are engineered with cane and wood bring in a rustic vibe in the room with ease. A wooden dining table, a cane centre table, and chairs are some common items to include.


Canopy Bed

The use of white canopy bed is extremely distinct in a Goan bedroom. Given that, it is one of the easiest ways to bring about that ambience in your metro city room. The cosy environment it creates will just be an added bonus.


Pops of Colour

Awash with liveliness and colonialism in every nook and corner, Goa conveys warmth with its colourful walls and décor. And that makes it a crucial element for a Goan style home.


Shades of Blue

The beach destination floats with pride and calmness with hues of blue highlighting every home’s interiors. With subtle show-pieces and walls splashed with shades of blue, a typical Goan house expresses a sense of serenity.


Stones and Tiles

The walls, the floors, and other areas are mostly tiled with laterite stone, kota, cement tiles and terracotta tiles, which bring a bucolic feel to the space.


Green Courtyards

You walk down the quaint streets of Goa and outside colourful homes, you’ll also find some gorgeous greens lining them. Evidently, pot plants are an imperative part of Goan décor.


Lattice Work

One of the most valuable components of a Goan home, latticework is mostly done in wood or stone graces most of the décor and furniture there.

We at Isprava hold an immense appreciation for the rustic and heritage design of Goa, which is why our luxury holiday homes there also mirror these disciplines well. In the end, it is all about striking a balance while staying true to your cultural roots.

Picture Courtesy: Original pictures taken at Isprava homes and Homebnc