Summer in Coonoor

Golfing in the hills


A hilly paradise perched in the lusciousness of the Nilgiris, Coonoor is one of the most soothing hill-stations in the country. With tea plantations and greenery gracing the town’s entirety and weather that not only calms the skin but also the soul, Coonoor is and should deserve a spot in every to-visit list. Marked by red-topped houses on green slopes enveloped by fog and picturesque natural attractions, it is a destination that is best enjoyed during the summertime. Although a small town, it is much more peaceful and beautiful than Ooty. And while the lower part of the town bustles with commercial activities and crowd, upper Coonoor is where nirvana truly exists. Nevertheless, here is what a summer spent in Coonoor looks like.


Healing Weather

An escape from the scorching heat in the rest of the country, Coonoor’s climate is not just an ameliorating retreat but also a luxury of sorts. I mean, isn’t there anything more luxurious than revelling the raw elements of nature? Here, in the misty hill-town, one has the opportunity of experiencing long-lasting peace that comes with the kind of weather there. It conveys calm, it boosts positivity, and it heals.


Natural Attractions

Given the hill-station’s stellar location surrounded by lush plantations and mesmerizing lakes, all wrapped in foggy sky, there are multiple tourist attractions here. Some hidden, undiscovered crooks, and some popular natural spots, Coonoor is filled with these sights. Catherine falls, Lady Canning’s seat, Lamb’s rock, and the Hidden valley are a few to name.


Tea Tasting

Strolling through the tea fields in Coonoor in pleasant mornings is something every visitor should do. The hill-station, which has every green slope covered with tea plantations, is a heavenly abode for those who fancy the beverage. Highfield tea factory is one such factory that offers you an opportunity to explore and understand the process of tea-making besides taking a look at the fields.


Golfing in the hills

There is nothing as rejuvenating as playing a game of golf amidst misty weather and lush green slopes. The Nilgiri hills, in particular, are extremely famous for iconic golf courses built in the British era. Golfing in the pleasant morning hour of Coonoor is a definite must at he hill-station.

Coonoor in summer is absolutely ideal, for the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Moreover, in these few months, the town also opens up for treks and other adventures. With Isprava homes being accessible to this enchanting hill-station, we say, start crafting your summer travel to the Nilgiris already.


Picture Courtesy: HolidayIQ, Lamb’s Rock_Coonoor, and Pexels.