Isprava Homes – All about Legacies and Heirlooms

Villa Capela - Bungalow in Goa


Isprava homes have their base set on home-like comfort and raw luxury that is derived from rich heritage elements. Every holiday home in India by us carries that core legacy feature that is ideally responsible for creating that charm of Isprava, also making it one of its six pillars. We adore the value that vintage holds, and we definitely understand the importance of keeping the traditional value of a land alive. More than that, what we ideally believe in and are doing is taking inspiration from the old and carry that forward in the years to come.

Isprava homes

For our villas for sale and rent in Goa and Nilgiri hills, we take immense pride in curating interior décor items from royal properties from across the country. Our doors, windows, and other pieces sourced from archaic palaces from all over India carry the heirloom value in them. And we try our best to inculcate the legacy factor into our homes through these. We don’t want you to experience only the classic charm of our luxury villas but also have it stay with you and your family for years to come.

Isprava box of memories

For that very reason, we have also launched a new concept that encapsulates legacy and these memories, which later take the form of Isprava heirlooms. With this new initiative of the ‘Time Capsule’, we are encouraging our guests to make great memories in our homes, save them, and share them with the coming generations. These memories and heirlooms can take the form of a personalized note, photographs, or anything you hold close to your heart. The Time Capsule will be stored in an aluminium box with a stone on top for access in the future. Since we regard Isprava as luxury builders that are all about heritage, legacy, and heirlooms, we urge people to participate in this concept, thereby, also keeping our core pillar strong. Every person has a story to tell, and we cannot wait to eternalise yours.