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Villa Brisa

Villa Brisa is located in one of North Goa’s most secluded locations. This home is the perfect way to enjoy Goa, in a unique, personalized way. We offer you ‘Villa Brisa‘ registered under Goa RERA with Registration No.: PRGO05190801 | for sale.

Igreha Vaddo

‘Igreha Vaddo’ which literally translates to Church Village, is Isprava’s rendition of a Portuguese Village. Spread across ~3,050 sqm, it is our first gated community and home to six gorgeous villas in the quaint and serene area of Siolim. Surrounded by greenery on all sides, Igreha Vaddo offers stunning views and privacy, in a community setting.

Villa Vivre

Villa Vivre is located in one of the tiniest and most beautiful villages of North Goa. This beautiful home is built on a ~ 721 sqm plot with a stunning view, overlooking the forest. It is a four bedroom standalone villa with a private pool.

Villa Alenteho

Located amidst the serene greenery of Assagaon, Villa Alenteho has 4 bedrooms, a private pool, beautifully manicured gardens and a sense of calm one can only find with an Isprava home.

Glenwood Estate

Surrounded by greenery, Glenwood Estate offers a spectacular view of the city lights. This ancestral home was originally built in the late 1800s and is over 150 years old. We will be refurbishing this British Colonial home to exude luxury, warmth and comfort while retaining a sense of old world charm.

Gleneagle Estate

Gleneagle Estate located in Kotagiri, Nilgiris sits on a beautiful tea plantation plot of ~4,000 sqm (1 acre). This home features a four (ensuite) bedroom, with a media room, a library, a badminton court, and a sit out overlooking the lush tea estates.

Albany Cottage

Located in the verdant hills of Coonoor, Albany Cottage is a charming four- bedroom villa spread out over ~780 sqm. The home features large terraces, a fire place, verandas, sprawling lawns, outdoor dining areas and sit outs for you to enjoy the panoramic Nilgiri Hills.

Villa Evora

Villa Evora located in Assagaon, Goa sits on a plot of ~ 735 sqm. This home features four (ensuite) bedrooms, along with a private pool and a vibrant lush green lawn with sit outs.

Fonteira Vaddo

Located in the fashionable, residential area of Assagaon in North Goa, Fonteira Vaddo is spread across ~ 4,000 sqm of land. This community will accommodate eight homes built with the theme of a beautiful Portuguese village, connected by charming cobblestone streets.

Melrose Cottage

Spread out over ~800 sqm, in Coonoor, Melrose Cottage is a quaint 3 bedroom British home perched high in the Nilgiri hills. This beautiful plot with breathtaking views is just 25 minutes away from the famous Wellington Golf Course.

Hamilton Cottage

Situated in Wellington in Coonoor , Hamilton Cottage is spread over ~810 sqm and boasts of panoramic views of the vibrant Nilgiri hills, lush greenery all around. This three bedroom home, will evoke a feeling of warmth and luxury from the moment you enter.

Villa Branco

Villa Branco, tucked away in the fashionable area of Anjuna in North Goa is built on a forest plot of ~1,275 sqm. This five bedroom home with its private pool and gazebo, features arched doorways, lavish courtyards, louvered doors, carved white screens and bespoke floorings.

Dunbar Estate

Perched 823m above sea level, expect perfect weather all year around. It is clear why we have chosen this exquisite location for our newest home, Dunbar Estate. This four-bedroom luxury home is spread across ~1,538 sqm (38 cents). The home takes inspiration from this region’s heritage while exuding Isprava’s signature aesthetic, character and style.

Villa Loto Bianco

Villa Loto Bianco, located in Siolim, one of Goa’s most enchanting locations is built on a ~ 1,165 sqm plot. This home features 4 (ensuite) bedrooms with a private pool and a vibrant green lawn with an amazing view, overlooking lush green fields.

Villa Azul

Located in Anjuna, this home stands on a ~ 1,275 sqm plot. It is a five bedroom home designed by international designers having a private swimming pool and gazebo. A beautiful courtyard and Villa Azul’s mystic Mediterranean charm are what make this home unique.

Villa Cecelia

Villa Cecelia’s French country charm makes this sprawling ~ 2,000 sqm plot in Anjuna, look even more grande. It houses six (five ensuite) bedrooms, balconies and terraces with an enormous pool and a charming gazebo. The verandah and sit outs bring a countryside feel to the whole premises.

Villa Verde

Located in Anjuna in North Goa, this home featuring four bedrooms and study, sits on a beautiful forest plot of ~ 1,275 sqm. Villa Verde has its own private pool, gazebo, Juliette balconies and a lush green pergola.


Spread across ~1,275 sqm, in Wellington, Coonoor, Lansdowne will be a three bedroom home on a beautiful plot that feels like paradise with unobstructed views of lush hills and verdant valleys.


Spread across ~2,600 sqm, in Wellington, Coonoor, Landour will be a four-bedroom villa on a beautiful plot that feels like paradise with breathtaking views is just 25 minutes away from the famous Wellington Golf Course.

Villa Capela

This home is a subtle collage of doors and windows, reminiscent of a Mediterranean Fort. Villa Capela, located in Parra, is built on a ~ 600 sqm plot and has four bedrooms, a private pool and a stunning gazebo. The home has an endless view of the palm-lined paddies.

Casa Brava

This is a four bedroom home built around a centuries old Banyan tree. The home is spread across ~1,460 sqm of land and features a private pool, a terrace, a tree house, heritage furnishings and multiple sit outs that overlook endless paddy fields.

Chepstow Hall

Spread out over ~1,700 sqm on a lush tea estate in Coonoor, Chepstow Hall feels like a piece of paradise. The home has three bedrooms, a well, a garden, a stable, and panoramic views of the Nilgiris.

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