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Outdoor Dining Areas for the Win

26th Apr 2019


There is nothing better than having a start to your day with a scrumptious spread of breakfast under the soft sunshine, and then ending the day with an al fresco dinner. Needless to say, there is something extraordinary and magical about outdoor dining areas. Fresh air, enriching ambience, and a great place for barbeque evenings and dinner parties; outdoor dining areas are, indeed, a boon. Although it is an interior design temptation, it is better to find out which kind of a dining setting under the sky would suit your preferences best. Here is Iprava making that feat easier.


Intimate Dining

You can create a more private dining space, tucked away in a pleasant corner of the patio. An intimate outdoor setting like this one can boost familial conversations over meals and can be designed in order to separate that area with the rest of the space using some design and décor elements.


Under an Awning

To sit under the sun, relishing your brunch but staying away from the glaring rays; a dining area under a beautiful awning would be ideal for the summer. Not only will this expose you to some fresh summer air but also do so while keeping you in the shade.


By the Pool

Now, is there any meal better than the one had by the pool? Set it up near the pool and have the serenity of flowing water keep you company as you eat.


Dining at the Terrace

A dining area that may also double as an entertainment zone where bonds get stronger – an outdoor dining area in the lawn can be aesthetically uplifting. While being a great dining location, it can also be a stellar recreational area for the family.

We believe dining is an experience that should always be extraordinary. Just like we promise them at our luxury holiday homes in India, these outdoor dining areas will help you do so at your abode.


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