Things to consider while choosing fabric for your home

Things to consider while choosing fabric for your home


You may enter a room and instantly feel drawn to the ornamented ambience of it. Now, there may have been a lot of different elements joined together to create that interior look. There may have been some design and décor tools, and of course, the use of fabrics as well. Curtain fabrics, upholstery fabrics, and other décor materials make a substantial part of a room, and they largely contribute to the overall look of the space. If you are looking at a new home or revamping of an existing home, here are a few factors to consider while choosing fabric for your home.



It is first important to know the final style of your home that you want to create with the help of fabrics. Are you aiming for a contemporary style or a vintage one? Do you want heavy luxury or minimalism? The pattern, yarn, colour, and other factors like these may further help determine what fabrics you want to incorporate into your decor.



The upholstery of the furniture and the curtain fabrics, all should have some level of uniformity. The style of each may differ slightly, but when you choose fabrics for the house, pick ones with some similarity. You could go for one colour palette for all, or the same fabrics but different patterns; regardless, there should be some evenness.



One cannot afford to keep changing the fabrics in the house every few months due to degraded quality. Therefore, it is necessary that when you choose them, you also pay attention to its durability and strength.



Lastly, the kind of fabric you use also majorly depends on the purpose of the furniture or the design feature. For dining and sofa upholstery, it is advisable to use fabrics that are sturdy and can withstand rough handling and stains. The same way, for curtain fabrics, it is crucial to pick options according to their utility; whether you’re looking for one to filter in the sunrays or to simply to strike an ambience.

Each and every décor element is responsible in casting that perfect aura in an abode. We pay utmost attention to these details in our holiday homes in India – that’s what we believe, adds character to a home.