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New homes on the block

Two beautiful villas, one signature aesthetic. Isprava opens the doors to two of its favourite holiday homes from its ever-growing collection, for you to pick your next haven of escape. Our suggestion: visit both!

When it comes to making a choice, as discerning as you may be, Isprava makes the decision tough. Both Villa Loto Bianco and Villa Vivre exude luxury, beautiful design and supreme comfort in equal measures, all the while making you feel like you are right at home. Why? Because Isprava doesn’t compromise. It crafts homes in a way that it would imagine perfection to be. And each home is just a reflection of that commitment. What really separates these two villas, are the simple things — specifications like location, size and maybe the colour of the bathroom tile. Here is a peek inside both:

Villa Loto Bianco is tucked away in an enchanting location of North Goa’s Siolim, where the villa overlooks gorgeous lush green paddy fields. It’s only a 10-20 minute drive away from some of Goa’s most pristine beaches, like Vagator, Ashwem, Anjuna and Morjim Beach. The four bedroom, fully furnished villa features a well-appointed living and dining room, a lovely sub-tropical garden, beautiful floor-to-ceiling Portuguese windows, arched doorways, charming balconies, a stunning azure pool, and bedrooms decked with old-world antiques interspersed with modern amenities.

Villa Vivre is no less captivating, with its idyllic location in the secluded part of North Goa’s Assagaon. This is one of Goa’s tiniest and most beautiful villages, surrounded by greenery, promising you peace and tranquillity, yet in close proximity to your favourite restaurants, bars and beaches. The four-bedroom villa is surrounded by a fenced perimeter, just beyond which a beautiful dense forest sways. It features lovely bedrooms accentuated by artefacts sourced from palaces and mansions in India and Europe, bespoke soft furnishings, custom designed flooring, opulent living and dining spaces as well as a luxe pool just waiting for you to splash into. The best time is now: book your stay at one or both of our villas today!


The art of refurbishment 

Whether it’s a regal overhaul, returning an ancient home from a state of dismay to its former glory, or giving an elegant makeover to a space from yesteryear — the art of restoration and refurbishment is a unique one. Isprava believes there is a distinct charm when the old becomes new again, don’t you agree?

Architecture and design is as much about invention as it is about re-invention. Some of the most magnificent spaces are those that have been given a rebirth. Not only does refurbishment give a space the chance to live eternally, embedded with story, culture, art and history. But it also gives it the chance for a new lease of life, a future in the modern world.

Refurbishment is an art that demands study, patience, attention to detail and a level of mindfulness and precision. You have to be cautious of preserving what is valuable and inherent to the space, restoring it in such a way that it doesn’t diminish the original beauty.

An old structure has many beautiful aspects to it — from its imposing facade to age-old arches, motifs and carvings. The aim is to celebrate these elements and give them a new avatar. Unique spaces like courtyards, corridors, serene gardens with a beautiful pool give the home a character of its own. From refurbishing old wood to shining the spotlight on antique furniture and brass artefacts, from restored walls and ceilings to intricately crafted decor, handmade floors and more — every space has a story to tell, just in a renewed sense of being.

At Isprava, we are always on the hunt for old mansions and palaces around India and the world, to restore and refurbish their remains to perfection, so that we can transport you into the regal past. A place you may never want to return from.


Why everyone’s retreating to Alibaug?

When all it takes is a 20-minute speed boat ride (even less if you use a helicopter) to escape from the grim, chaotic city life of Mumbai, and transport you to the great, beach bumming, mansion-living life of Alibaug — why wouldn’t you go?

The quiet coastal town of Alibaug has quickly become the new great escape that takes you from traffic jam in the city to birdsong by the beach within the hour. And everyone is jumping on this wagon. It is where the well-heeled gather for a better social life. It is where the creative flock to for pristine stretches of white sand to inspire their next design. It is where life gives you the chance to press restart, even if it is just for the weekend. Here lunches are languid; moments are calm and the parties, one of a kind. Think of it like the Hamptons of Mumbai. And while it does not have the art galleries or swanky restaurants and bars like the Hamptons may, all you really need here is a great holiday home. Good news for you: Isprava is coming soon to Alibaug.

So hop over for the weekend, swim in the lavish pool, cook in a grand kitchen from the fresh produce growing in the garden, sip on Isprava’s exclusive Peaberry coffee, take long walks in the evening and just relax in the ambience of tranquillity. It sounds too good to be true. But it is.


Brewing magic everywhere she goes

As the head of marketing at White Owl Beer, she’s tapping into great success. But the Swedish lady who’s made India her home also has much to say about luxury, experiences and why Isprava is a fine balance of it all. In conversation with Paulina Elm Agren….


1. Tell us five things you love about India, and why?

 The People – This might sound cliché, but it’s true. Moving to a new country where you barely know anyone, it’s easy to feel alone. However, every single person that I met, has made me feel at home. Living in India has opened my mind in a different way. The diverse culture of India makes you appreciate new and different aspects of what life has to offer
 Indian Food – Indian cuisine consists of a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines. The countless variations in taste, colour, and fragrance in every course of the meal is a unique experience
 Travel – India’s landscapes are as fantastically varied as its cultural traditions. This country has a bounty of outdoor attractions. However, my favourite place is still Goa
 Traditional Clothing: The Indian traditional attire is as vibrant as its culture. I always wait for an opportunity to dress up in Indian clothes, and never let go of a chance to wear them
 Opportunities: If I stayed back in Sweden, I wouldn’t have had the same opportunity to introduce a whole country to the world of Craft Beer. It has been and is an incredible experience.


2. The beer culture in India is booming more than ever before, and White Owl seems to be doing wonders. Tell us more…

Our journey has been phenomenal. We were a team of five people doing absolutely everything when White Owl started brewing beer in 2014. Today, our beer is sold across Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore and Delhi, On Tap, in Bottles & in Cans, at over 1,700 bars and retail stores with many new markets and products in the pipeline. This excites me incredibly and makes me believe that the journey to come will be even more thrilling than the journey so far.


3. Having visited a few Isprava homes, which one is your favourite for a lazy weekend sipping on some White Owls and why?

It has been an exceptional experience with every visit to Isprava homes. It is very difficult to choose one as each home is unique. Even though I absolutely love the new concept of Igreha Vaddo, Villa Evora holds a special place in my heart. It’s intimate and cosy (what a true Swede loves) yet the luxurious villa has everything needed and of course, Goa is a charming confluence of east and west, juxtaposed with the magnificent scenic beauty of beaches and coves, architectural splendour of churches, temples and old Portuguese homes. Sipping on a chilled White Owl brew in that endearing abode of a charming Portuguese home surrounded by scenic allure was all I could ask for to rejuvenate myself.


4. Your recent collaboration with Isprava was quite exciting. Tell us about your time in Goa with Isprava?

When I first visited one of the Isprava homes in Goa it struck me that White Owl stands for a similar concept. We put in an incredible amount of effort to create a memorable experience for our guest. And as such, serving White Owl, a top quality, locally produced beer completed that incredibly curated Isprava experience. On top of that, White Owl offers an exciting portfolio, with different styles that will excite Isprava guests. For those looking to quench their thirst by the pool, we have Spark, our Belgian Wit. For the slightly more experienced beer drinkers, we have Diablo, our Irish Red Ale. And for anyone who likes their brews on the sweeter side, we have Ace, our Apple Cider Ale. Our trio most certainly adds to the crafted experience that Isparva is offering.


5. Is travel about luxury or experiences or both? How do you think Isprava binds it all in?

Travel is about both luxury and experience. One travels to get away from their mundane lives to explore and learn new things. Isprava offers the best of both worlds. The lavish facilities with finely crafted interiors, best of locations and service to pamper your mind and soul, making the whole experience beautiful and memorable.